Job Requirements for Landscaping Employees

Landscape Employee Hiring Requirements

It’s no surprise that many landscaping businesses (perhaps even yours) may have started out as a small lawn mowing service with just one entrepreneur who started to recruit help from friends or family members for larger jobs. Growing your landscaping business means adding to your crew. This helps increase customer retention, enables your company to…

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Is Battery-Powered Equipment Right for Your Commercial Lawn Care Business?

Battery Powered Commercial Mower

The world is quickly modifying the way we do business, including lawn care and landscaping. With global climate change and emissions standards under intense scrutiny, many cities and countries are changing laws to reflect a greener workspace. One way lawn care companies are evolving to fit this new eco-friendly world is by swapping gas-powered for…

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Top Battery Powered Commercial Mowers

best battery powered commercial lawn mowers

Last year, California Governor Gavin Newsom banned SORE (small off-road engines) emissions. The ban outlaws the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other lawn care equipment. The reason behind the change is to protect the environment. Small engines produce a large quantity of carbon pollution. In fact, using a gas-powered leaf blower for…

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Best Commercial Battery Powered Trimmer

best commercial landscape trimmers

As most people know, Arborgold is a field-based business software company. But we have our eyes and ears on everything related to lawn care and landscaping industries. In fact, we’re always watching for changes that can impact a company’s the bottom line. So when we start discussing the best commercial battery powered trimmers in the…

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Job costing strategies for landscaping companies

Lawn Care Job Costing

Job costing is an important step in the accounting process for any landscaping job. For field-based businesses job costing strategies are used to: Compare estimates Determine potential profits Reduce time waste and inefficiencies Arborgold designs software for field-based businesses. We work within several industries, including landscaping and construction to streamline production, invoicing, and even customer…

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How to discuss price increases with lawn care clients

discussing price increases with lawn care customers

Every successful business knows that price increases are inevitable. Lawn care, landscape, and in fact all green industry companies are no exception. Just to name a few of the reasons why a price increase might be necessary; they have been severely impacted by the rising cost of equipment, the need to pay higher wages to…

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How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

Lawn Care Services Offer In Off Season

5 Ways to Organize Your Lawn Care Business So You Can Grow Each year there are plenty of opportunities for a fresh start as you organize your lawn care businesses for growth and expansion. Field-based businesses face many challenges, but staying organized helps minimize business disruptions and time waste. At Arborgold, we supply business software…

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When to Start Advertising for Snow Removal Services

Tips for Adding Snow Removal to Your Landscaping Business

Long before the snow starts falling, cities, businesses, and residential snow removal customers are getting organized for winter. Snow removal companies might feel a lull during the summer season but come autumn, business will begin picking up again. This is the time when new and past service users will be looking to sign a contract…

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How to Add Pool and Outdoor Landscaping to Your Business

Landscaping Design App

Are you a seasonal company looking to add pools and outdoor landscaping to your business model? Making any change to a new business is daunting and having the right tools in place makes a big difference. Arborgold designs software for field-based businesses like landscapers, snow removal companies, pest control businesses, and more. We work closely…

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Top Five Technology Sales Tools for Landscape Estimators In 2021


Estimates are an important part of any field-based business. When you bid on a project, your sales estimate tells clients what you value your work at. An overly high quote suggests you are trying to take advantage, while a low quote suggests you don’t think much of your industry skills. Using landscape service software, you…

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