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Arborgold All-in-One Business Management Software


Optimize Inventory & Maximize Profits with Arborgold’s Supply Chain Management Feature

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All-In-One Business Management Software for Lawn Care, Tree Care, & Landscaping Companies


Arborgold is an all-in-one business management software designed specifically for outdoor services companies. This robust software eliminates spreadsheets, contact lists, double-entry, and hard-to-follow paper trails, letting you manage your business all in one spot.

  • Improve team efficiency & productivity
  • Minimize clerical errors or deals “falling through the cracks”
  • Stop leaving money on the table
  • Maximize profitability
  • Improve business intelligence & reporting

How does Arborgold improve your business functions while helping maximize your profitability and performance? Click “Take a Tour” below to view a video tour of Arborgold’s all-in-one business management software.

How Arborgold Lawn Care, Tree Care, & Landscape Business Management Software Works


Arborgold consolidates every aspect of your lawn care, tree care, or landscaping business into an all-in-one tool desktop and mobile software.

Right now, you probably have an office and sales staff that uses a handful of different systems to manage different parts of your business. This typically results in sales teams having to work with your scheduler to get jobs onto the calendar, crews having to report complete (or incomplete) jobs to accounting for invoicing, and account managers requesting details from sales reps and crew managers to answer client questions.

Arborgold eliminates double-entry and confusion. Almost every aspect of your landscaping business can be managed through Arborgold, which means your team members can find all the information they need in one place.

Arborgold consists of a primary software and three mobile apps that connect to the software to share information across devices. The main software is available in a full-featured version for any-sized company, or light “starter” version for smaller companies. Arborgold also offers three mobile apps to support your mobile sales team and landscape or tree/lawn care crews.

Arborgold Customer Portal

Arborgold Cloud


Arborgold Cloud is the primary, full-featured software that manages all arms of your landscaping, lawn care, or tree care business. This cloud-based software is the ultimate command center for your business. It hosts all of your client information, pricing and bids, messaging, scheduling, marketing activities, resource management, and more.

Even though it is robust, it is easy to use, helping each of your team members do his or her job more effectively.

Sales & Marketing:

  • Generate Proposals. Generate dynamic, professional proposals with the proposal creator. Add photos, notes, or even attractive CAD drawings through the Arborgold CAD drawing tool.
  • Automate Marketing. Send automated emails, text messages, or voice messages automatically to convert new leads, generate new business from existing clients, or request referrals.
  • Automate Follow-Ups. Send automated emails, text messages, or voice messages to follow up on proposals or to initiate automatic renewals to effortlessly generate more sales and never leave cash on the table.

Account Managers/Resource Management:

  • Simplify Scheduling. Schedule one-time or repeat clients and optimize routes for your team to minimize drive time. This tool integrates with Google Calendar.
  • Optimize Resource Management. From managing team members and third parties to equipment and inventory, Arborgold makes it easy to see what you have, what you need, and where it’s going.
  • Simplify Record Keeping. Don’t worry about paper trails or “version confusion.” Arborgold hosts contact records, proposals, contracts, and more so nothing falls through the cracks.


  • Integrate Accounting. Arborgold Cloud integrates with QuickBooks to streamline your financial needs, prevent double-entry, and connect work orders with invoicing for simpler, more accurate accounting.
  • Optimize Reporting. With all of your data in one place, Arborgold can generate robust reports for sales statistics, team performance, job status, inventory management, and more.
  • Track Your Crews. See at a glance where your teams are, how much time they’ve spent on a job, and where they’re heading next with GPS tracking and time tracking.

Mobile Sales Estimator

The mobile sales estimator is one of the most powerful mobile apps connected with Arborgold Cloud. This mobile app allows your sales reps to take Arborgold’s robust estimator tool on-the-go to generate attractive, dynamic proposals on-site. This mobile app also includes:

  • Customer Database. View the most up-to-date client information through the mobile customer database. Any updates made to these details through the mobile sales estimator will be automatically synced with the home office and other mobile users (and vice versa).
  • CAD Drawing Software. Attach attractive CAD drawings to your quote for a professional, detailed proposal.
  • Proposal Generation. Enter the proposal details, attach any CAD drawings or photos, and generate a proposal on the spot. Proposals can be sent to clients with a click of a button.
  • Smart Routing. Save on drive time by using Arborgold’s Google Maps integration to minimize drive time between appointments.

Mobile Crew App

Stay in touch with your crew with the easy-to-use mobile crew app. This app helps your crews know where they’re going, let’s them review the details of the work order, and track progress and details all with their smartphone or mobile device. As with all Arborgold products, every detail is immediately synced with the home office so every member of your team has the most up-to-date information.

  • Smart Routing. Visual maps minimize drive time between jobs while helping your crews get where they need to go.
  • View Job Details. Your crews can view all the job details and client information on-the-go with their smartphone or mobile device.
  • Time Tracking. Your crews can punch in and punch out of jobs to track time more efficiently and accurately.
  • Oversee Operations. GPS tracking lets you see where your crew is at any time. Arborgold’s mobile crew app also lets you see any updates to services, resources, equipment, weather, chemical tracking, and more.

Mobile QR

Mobile QR is a simplified crew app allowing your crews to view job details, track time, and mark jobs as complete in one easy-to-use app. Crews simply scan the QR code on the work order to view job details.

  • View Job Details. Review work order services in detail.
  • Start Work Order Timer. Click “start” to start the work order timer to track job duration.
  • Mark Services Complete. Mark services complete in real-time to streamline invoicing and account management.

Arborgold Sprout

If your team is not quite big enough to need Arborgold Cloud and the mobile apps, you may prefer to use Arborgold Sprout. Arborgold Sprout offers lighter versions of many features found in Arborgold Cloud. It is also accessible on mobile devices with internet access such as tablets.

Arborgold Sprout includes:

  • Contact Management. Store all of your clients and client details in one place, including contact information, job information, communication history, and more.
  • Arborgold Sprout integrates with the Sprout messaging center and Google Calendar for simple, seamless scheduling.
  • Proposal Creation. Create basic proposals for clients on-site, including price breakdown, job details, notes, and photos. Once approved, you can turn these proposals into work orders.
  • Invoicing & QuickBooks Integration. Invoicing is integrated with Arborgold Sprout to easily create invoices from work orders. Send these invoices in just a few clicks, and track all of the details easily in QuickBooks with the easy QuickBooks integration and online sync.

Learn more about Arborgold Sprout by clicking “Take a Sprout Features Tour” below for a self-guided, online tour of Arborgold Sprout’s features.


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