Arborgold pest control software to manage your service business

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arborgold hero pest control software

Software to better schedule your pest control services

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Quick & Easy Job Routing

Simple to complex job scheduling and job management with automated reminders.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

After you’ve reached out via email, track customer through the entire customer lifespan.

Track estimated time vs. actual

Track team members time with time sheets, job time calculations & reporting from the office or in the field.

Advanced Accounts Receivable

Make getting paid easier than ever by accepting online payment, batch invoicing, and a customer portal.

Email marketing for customers

Grow your business by automating follow-up emails, or create a campaign to attract new ones.

JOB scheduling & job MANAGEMENT

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Pest control software has to deliver results for companies working in high-volume, territory-focused, recurring-schedule environments. If a new lead comes through or an emergency service request comes in, you always want to say “yes.” With Arborgold’s advanced scheduling features, securing the nearest crew happens in just a couple of clicks.

Advanced pest control scheduling software lets you schedule recurring service contract work orders indefinitely in just a couple of clicks.

What happens if someone gets sick or goes on vacation? With Arborgold pest control software, adjusting service work orders based on your available workforce happens in seconds.

arborgold pest control routing features

Locate crews by GPS with start and stop mobile app check-ins in support of time-sheets, payroll and direct cost reports. Create custom crew checklists, and include property layouts to ensure teams have everything covered when they’re in the field.

Send important appointment reminders to keep customers informed about service dates even when you’re not spraying inside the dwelling. Add services to any job while at the job site, and document important reporting requirements such as chemical tracking and weather from our mobile apps. Complete work orders while in the field, and give crews the option to bill clients on-site.

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Recurring services from loyal clients are the key to making a pest control business profitable, along with the right combination of operational efficiency and high job volume. Arborgold does it all. As a one-stop shop solution for your lawn care business, we’re integrating client management with estimates, scheduling, job management, invoicing and resource management. It’s the ideal pest control software for small business and large operations alike.

It’s a numbers game: The more site estimates you create, the more customers you get. Pest control software should help you close more sales with website lead capture forms that make you available for an estimate 24/7. With Arborgold, you’re turning inquiries into messages with text notifications and responding in real time.

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Use Arborgold’s appointment scheduling and routing tool to keep your sales team on the go with minimal transit time. Automate your email follow-up on price quotes to help push your customers in your direction and keep your company top-of-mind.

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billing, INVOICING & renewals

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Pest control companies depend on recurring invoices, monthly payments and pre-payment cash flow every month. With Arborgold’s pest control service business software, you’re creating digital contracts with automatic credit card processing, batch invoicing and online payments.

In addition to powerful routing and scheduling features, you can offer your clients 24/7 access to their invoices, estimates and job status summaries with your own branded customer portal.

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And for pest control businesses that focus on residential areas, Arborgold’s integrated email marketing, automated renewals, opportunity cross-selling, and lead generation features make generating new income, easy.

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TIME tracking

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Arborgold’s pest control software is more than just scheduling and invoicing. Maximize productivity and improve fleet and crew management with detailed time activity tracking, preparing for billing and payroll that includes GPS and smart routing features.

Avoid reconciling stacks of work order forms. Reduce the time and manpower it takes to produce state regulatory requirements such as chemical and pesticide reporting by giving crews the opportunity to record usage on-site with Arborgold’s MobileCrew app.

arborgold pest control time tracking

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