Arborgold makes estimates quick, efficient, and profitable.

Estimating software is the second most important part of growing your income.

Quick, efficient, profitable bidding can be a challenge.

  • When you’re running the business during the day, you’re at home or working late creating custom proposals at night.
  • Instead of using estimating software, you’re creating hand-written bids that can get lost in the shuffle of everyday operations (even though you’re writing the same thing over and over).
  • You’re spending hours creating custom proposals and drawings in excel, word, or QuickBooks.
  • You’re paying extra for a proposal software that doesn’t integrate to your other office applications.
  • Without a system in place for follow up, you’re losing new or existing business.

Not any more. As we were designing Arborgold’s Proposal and Estimating software, we listened to what the market wanted.

Have It Your Way With Custom Design Templates

Charging what you’re worth starts with looking professional AND unique. No two companies are the same. Arborgold’s proposal module offers you the ability to custom design your proposals and create an unlimited number of proposal templates to use over and over again. And Yes. The system comes with existing templates you can modify so you’re NOT starting from scratch.

  • Add fields
  • Change fonts
  • Change colors
  • Add notes to each service
  • Add your own terms and conditions
Arborgold puts the design tools in your hands. Make gorgeous estimates while in the field or in the office.

Add photos of the property and drawings (even drawings from the landscape drawing / designer tool)

Include An Impressive Landscape Design

For Landscape, tree service, and lawn care pros, showing is knowing! When your customers can visualize the end result, they’re more likely to book the service.

Arborgold’s easy to use landscape design diagram tool has a huge library of trees, shrubs, plants, hard-scape, and more.

Customers and prospects LOVE the attention you’re giving them and you LOVE to look good.

Incorporate real maps into your drawings with Arborgold's CAD Map ToolArborgold's landscape tool is easy to use and fast.Produce beautiful landscape sketches with Arborgold CAD Map Drawing Tool

BONUS: When you lay out the property, you have an agreed to road map with your clients, which sets exact expectations on what will be delivered.

SUPER BONUS: Your crews have access to client drawings in the field so there’s no confusion on what stays, what goes, and what gets added.

SUPER DUPER BONUS: Avoid confusion and questions from prospects by numbering items in your layout and reference these numbers in your bids.

Quickly Add Programs/Packages

Great proposals don’t have to take “forever” to generate. Arborgold’s proposal tool saves you time. Say good by to “over and over” typing or copying/pasting.

Create pre-programmed packages that group together multiple services (with standard prizing) so when you add a program, you could be adding services, inventory, and equipment in a single click.

  • EXAMPLE: Create a PHC program that includes, dormant oil, fertilization, and insect control. When you add the program to the bid, all the services come in.
  • EXAMPLE: Create a “Pond” package that includes excavation, lining, pump, filter, edging, dirt, filling and all the labor resources.
Add a group of services with a single click - Arborgold Add Programs

BONUS: Need to change from standard pricing? We got you covered. You can customize pricing on each line item for each proposal.

SUPER BONUS: Service, Inventory and resource descriptions are saved in Arborgold and come through on the estimate when you add it.

The second most important part of your income (besides invoicing and payments).

Yes You Can Offer Service Group Options

How cool would it be if you could send a single proposal/estimate to a client or prospect that gave them a couple of different service options? With Arborgold, you can. Create more than one set of grouped line items that add up to it’s own sub-total. Present pricing options for 2 months OR 3 months of service. We dare you! Arborgold can handle it.

BONUS: Modify an estimate in just a couple of clicks when there’s a decision to buy to convert it to an unscheduled work order!

Calculate Resource and Job Costs

Because you can store job costs for any equipment, employee, or inventory, the moment you generate any estimate, you’re pre-building your job costs with each proposal. When you’re creating estimates at the job site, there’s no more “profit” guess work. Access detailed job cost reports at any time for any work order.

BONUS: Modify an estimate in just a couple of clicks when there’s a decision to buy to convert it to an unscheduled work order!

Arborgold has robust job costing tools .
Arborgold follows up on your proposals so you don't have to

The second most important part of your income (besides invoicing and payments).

Managing Your Bid Pipeline

Secretly, most lawn care, landscape and tree service pros will admit that they have a huge hole in the business when it comes to following up on estimates and proposals. The business gets busy – We completely get it. But if you want to grow, every price quote deserves a chance. That’s why Arborgold built it’s automated follow up feature for sales teams. When you create a proposal, you can assign it to a series of automated emails that will be delivered on your behalf so nothing falls through the cracks.

BONUS: Email templates are COMPLETELY customizable.

BONUS: Email timers are COMPLETELY customizable.

BONUS: There’s no email limit in follow up campaigns

generate proposals and estimates online


Include Unlimited Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s true. Include an UNLIMITED amount of property photos and/or snapshots of trees, shrubs, and other items relating to each bid. Proposal photos are visible to the crew on the Mobile Crew app to ensure everything is placed, removed, added, or changed correctly.


Email / Print Options

Printing, scanning, emailing… it’s busy work. Arborgold’s proposal feature offers you a way to print or email your proposals in seconds. This is especially slick when you’re on site and need to get a new or revised proposal to a client asap. It’s click and go


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