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Business management software that’s easy-to-use, flexible, and ready to take on any situation.


Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Software Features For Sales Teams

Sales teams want to move new leads into customer status. Even more important is to move your customers through an entire client life cycle.

Companies of any size across the green and field service industries are changing the way the do sales, with Arborgold. When you have data and simple tools at your fingertips, rest assured each inbound call, outbound site visit, and account management function will get the priority and attention it deserves.

Generate New Sales
  • Proposals, Bids or Estimates
  • Dynamic Proposal
  • CAD Drawing Tool
  • Messaging Center
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • SMS Text Integration
  • Email Marketing Integration
Account Management
  • Proposal Follow-Up
  • Automate Renewals
  • Database Selling
  • Activity History
  • Document Control
  • Commissions
  • Productivity by Rep
  • Total Sales
  • Job Status
  • Custom
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Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Software Features For Production Teams / Crews

In today’s fast-paced world, there are plenty of reasons to use technology to help teams stay organized and on task. Your success is directly tied to your team’s ability to meet expectations by delivering on your promise to complete the work.

Arborgold is not a cookie cutter cloud software. Designed for Field Service, Lawn Care, Landscape and Tree Service companies, deliver the efficient job management functionality you’re looking for, in the office, on-the-go, or at the job site. Gone are the days of using complex spreadsheets and paper booking calendars that can only be accessed by your office personnel.

Scheduling Software
  • Work Scheduling
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Inventory Assignment
  • Employee / Labor Assignment
  • Job / Work Order Management
  • CAD Tool Designer
  • Document Control
  • Resource Management
  • Inventory Management
Flexible Scheduling
  • Smart Routing
  • Visual Mapping
  • Recurring Service Scheduling
  • Successor Service Scheduling
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • GPS Crew Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • State Reporting / Chemical Reporting
  • Job Costing
  • Labor Direct Contribution Costs
  • Servie Totals
  • Equipment / Inventory Lists

Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Software Features For Office & Administrative Teams

From answering phones to collecting on invoices, emergency scheduling and customer care, your administrative staff and office teams are at the heart of everything in your business.

Keeping track of many moving parts isn’t always easy. But green industry and field service companies are staying organized and on point with Arborgold. With detailed customer history, tools such as text messaging, and customizable templates, every contact in your database will be given the attention to detail, that they deserve.

Empower your inner circle with smart software that works.

Business office software that’s easy-to-use and flexible that keeps a detailed history of all activity keeps your admin teams “in the know”, ready to take on any situation.

Lead Management
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Messaging & Appointment Center
  • Lead Distribution
  • Google Calendar Integration
Automation & Integration
  • Proposal Follow-Up
  • Email Marketing
  • Automated Renewals
  • QuickBooks Integration
Account Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Document Control
  • Detailed Activity
  • Custom Search / Filters
  • State Reporting / Chemical Reporting
  • Sales & Service Totals
  • Payroll Exports
  • Job Status

Generating More Opportunities

Marketing teams NEED results. When you’re investing dollars to drive new sales, you need to capture and follow-up on every lead in seconds. With Arborgold, you’re setting a sense of urgency with sales teams and office personnel whether you’re pushing special offers, discounts, or new service packages.

Successful Field Service, Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Marketing comes from your ability to target your market, capture as many website visitors as possible, and generate follow-up campaigns that works in tandem with sales, resulting in more business.


Web to Lead Forms

Improve response times for website inquires.

Database Driven Marketing

Filter, email, or export customer lists to cross-sell or upsell existing clients.

Text Messaging

Integrate SMS Text reminders for important appointment and job milestones.

Batch Renewals

Send annual, monthly, or weekly renewal work orders in just one click.

Email Marketing

Create and send seasonal offers and other important email broadcasts.

Voice Broadcasting

Send pre-recorded voices messages to personalize important news or updates.

Key Metrics
Office Admin
Custom Reports

Software Features For Management and Executives

As a business leader, you want your company to always move in the right direction. That means new profits, new growth, while maintaining quality of your service delivery. Day to day, operational trends may be harder to see, until now. Arborgold brings the power of your customer and work order data to your dashboard. And with standard and custom reports, every decision you make, can be made confidently, based on solid facts and figures.

Business management software that comes fully equipped with key metric reports designed for owners and executives means instead of paying your teams to hunt for, or create reports, you have what you need at any time, on the desktop or on the go.

  • Proposal, Bid or Estimate Status
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Close Ratio reports
  • Workflow Management
  • Crew productivity
  • Job Costing
  • Route Optimization
  • Job Status
  • Renewals
  • QuickBooks Integration
Office / Admin
  • Sales / Commissions
  • Revenue by Sales Rep
  • Labor Hours

Field Service, Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Landscape Software Features For Accounting Teams

Data Accuracy

  • Complete job history and logs
  • Automated data transfers
  • Crew tracking for payroll and HR.
  • Complex billing options

Invoice Automation

  • Online E-Pay Option
  • Print and/or Email Batch Invoicing
  • Seamless Integration
    with QuickBooks

Cash Flow, A/R & Inventory

  • Job forecasting
  • Automated follow up on invoicing.
  • Work order inventory and resource detail


  • Commissions
  • Direct Contribution by Work Order (Job Costing)
  • Detailed sales breakdowns
  • Custom
Removing Data Entry From The Equation

Accounting teams want simple solutions to complex problems when it comes to reconciliations and receivables. Accuracy is key. The more manual data entry, the longer it takes and the more room for error. Today’s leading field service and green industry companies are improving the way their accounting teams are closing the books each month with Arborgold.

Simplify Monthly Reconcilitation

Accounting, Billing, and Invoicing software that offers batch invoicing, complex billing setups, and an online payment option means you’re getting the data and payments faster, improving the cash flow of your business over time.