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Simple billing and invoicing

Cash Flow Keeps a Business Healthy

Most owners of landscaping businesses know exactly what it takes to keep lawns and gardens healthy and green. However, they are often unaware of what it takes to keep a company’s finances just as healthy and green. That’s why accounting and invoice software that can do it all is so essential for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the tasks that service business accounting software should be able to cover:

  • Maintain accurate records
  • Manage billing
  • Manage invoicing

The right service business software can save a business owner and a team hundreds of hours of work per year. Who wants to deal with disorganized paper invoices all the time? Billing errors cost money. Financial software makes it possible to keep track of every dollar that comes in without the need to return to a messy filing cabinet day after day. In addition to making life easier, smart software can prevent errors and keep finances streamlined. Arborgold’s premium service business accounting software is designed specifically to handle the needs of service businesses. The tools that come with this software can be shared and utilized between multiple users. This ensures that a streamlined billing process can be created that keeps everyone in the loop. Business owners won’t have to worry about the hassles that can go along with billing errors, duplicated invoices or missed invoices. The process is as neat and tidy as a lawn that’s been visited by an expert landscaper!

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    Invoicing Made Easy

    Arborgold takes the pain out of invoicing by offering real-time support and management. This system actually lines up billable jobs for invoicing once they are marked as complete. Invoices are automatically prepared to be sent to customers via email or print. Fast invoicing means fast payment without any gaps. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! Arborgold also provides batch-filter capabilities that allow users to search for and process finished jobs based on criteria like date range, types of service or crews. There’s no need to search through a messy filing cabinet to find an invoice ever again!

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    A Better Way of Contract Billing

    Arborgold’s savvy service business invoicing software is a must-have tool for service businesses that deal with flat-rate monthly contracts. Contract billing can be done in one click that converts itemized jobs into billable installment contracts. Work orders for installment accounts can be managed via the Arborgold mobile crew app without affecting the set contract price.

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    Seamless Integration with QuickBooks

    Arborgold’s accounting and invoice software works perfectly with QuickBooks. Easy integration tools make it possible to sync your Arborgold software with QuickBooks to completely avoid manual transaction entries. Users have the ability to customize which invoices and payments should be sent to QuickBooks and which should stay just where they are. Syncing invoices means that new customers and service items that are created in Arborgold are automatically updated in QuickBooks. Integrations can work with both QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop.

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    Accepting Online Payment is a breeze

    Many owners of landscaping businesses struggle to offer payment methods that appeal to all types of clients. The reality is that most people have grown comfortable with the idea of making payments online on their own time. Very few people want to hand over a check or deal with the hassle of providing their credit card information in person. Arborgold offers tools that can help small businesses to modernize their payment options. Arborgold e-invoicing software and e-payments solutions give customers the ability to pay online using their preferred credit card via Open Edge merchant solutions. Having the ability to accept digital payments online is a huge asset for service businesses in today’s competitive climate. In addition, this option cuts down on the paper trails that business owners need to deal with in order to collect payments.

It’s impossible to run a business without savvy accounting and invoice software. However, far too many service businesses out there are doing without service business software. That means that many dollars are being lost or left underutilized. Arborgold delivers service business accounting software that’s tailored for the world of landscaping, lawn care, and arbor services. Trying to piece together an accounting system using outdated tools or makeshift methods can spell disaster for a business. There are simply far too many opportunities for details to slip through the cracks. The potential for losses and liabilities also increases when software is not used. The owner of a landscape company would never try to cultivate lawns and gardens using inferior products. Why should they try to manage business finances using inferior financial tools?