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Flexible Work Order Management

Create, schedule, and queue up jobs for billing from the field with QR code work order tracking. Time & Material Billing

Time & Material Billing

Generate time & material work orders and invoicing that include equipment, labor, and other materials.

Contracts & Recurring Services

Schedule and manage one-time work orders or recurring service contracts to meet your current billing agreements.

Marketing & Business Growth

Maximize seasonal revenue with automated renewals, email marketing, and database marketing options.

Accurate Bids & Estimates

Generate estimates based on square footage and auto calculate pricing with fully-integrated cost calculators.

Smart Routing & GPS Tracking

Reduce drive-time, improve job performance by optimizing crew routing while tracking teams by GPS out in the field.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Snow removal companies encounter the “feast or famine” issue of workloads depending on season. That’s just an unavoidable part of the game, and it can hamper your ability to predict and schedule. However, snow plow companies need to be able to rapidly respond in times of high demand, and it needs to be done efficiently. That’s where our snow removal software comes in to simplify the process.

These scheduling problems and unpredictability, and invoicing and work order management, can be handled by Arborgold’s snow removal business software. It providers a user-friendly way to schedule work based on available staff, equipment, territory, and the capability and capacity of these assets.

Our snow removal management software goes beyond average. We’re not satisfied with simply managing people and assets – we’re about optimization, and making companies more efficient and profitable. Now you can optimize routes with custom start locations for crew members, which lowers drive time and payroll hours.

The user-friendly interface of our snow removal software has drag and drop for bulk changes, such as adding, removing, or modifying employees and equipment. If you like working with paper, use Arborgold’s MobileQR app to scan and schedule orders.

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Manage Snow Removal Requests with Ease.

Snow plowing is a delicate business. There are times when you’re needed all over the place, and other times when you’ll be idle. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep track of everything in one place, from crew to assets and more? See the bigger picture with Arborgold’s snow removal software and ensure everything is done quickly and efficiently.

The flexible technology in our snow removal business software lets you schedule from the office, home, or anywhere with the app, and your customers will love being able to request service 24/7 without staff on phones.

Arborgold’s Mobile Crew app gives staff all the info they need, such as checklists, notebook, photo storage, and the ability to modify invoices from their phone. This app and our snow removal management software lets you dispatch staff to new jobs, adjust and queue their schedules, and give instant updates.

View detailed reporting on KPIs and setup crew check-ins for work orders covering labor hours, equipment and materials, and so on.

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Accurate Estimates + FAST Invoicing = Profitalbe Business

The best way for snow plowing companies to keep up with demand is to predict the assets you’ll need, and where they’ll need to be. Our snow removal software gives you resource management and other tools to predict it, get it done, and bill it.

Arborgold’s snow removal business software also helps bring in new clients. Use our calculator to give accurate and competitive quotes by adding up the costs of materials, crew, equipment and any other factor quickly and easily.

Delve in to the customer experience side with our snow removal management software that can automate renewals and generate proposals in bulk for existing clients based on historical data.

Your crew will love the simplicity and power of the Mobile Crew app that calculates the total bill based on time and materials spent. Just check-in and check-out.

With a few clicks you can email or print invoices for individual services or contracts, and generate invoices for outstanding work orders. You can even handle deposits and prepayment plans.

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CRM features to GROW your Business

The relationship between snow plow companies and clients is extremely important. Clients aren’t thinking about you for most of the year, but when that first snow lands you want to be the only name they know. Arborgold’s snow removal software makes it easier to keep in touch and keep everyone happy.

Your office staff can access customer data including contacts and history from anywhere, but you decide what is shown to the crew who are handling the orders.

Arborgold’s snow removal management software allows you to setup a “request a quote” form on any website. Clients submit their information and the system sends texts and emails to your sales team for amazing response times and more conversions.

We can improve sales in other ways too. Use our tools to filter and export contact lists to create direct mail and email marketing campaigns or just send a small gift to clients to remind them of you each year.

Using the client access portal in our snow removal business software, your clients can view invoices, check the status of jobs, and even request a new job.

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