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Learn how field service companies are using Arborgold to optimize Inventory & maximize profits with Supply Chain Management features.

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Optimize Your Landscape Company’s Supply Chain Management

Arborgold Landscape Software offers a supply chain management feature to help optimize your inventory management. This tool helps you track what you have, uses work orders and open bids to anticipate upcoming needs, and tracks vendor relationships so you can make the best purchase decisions.

Optimizing your supply chain management is about more than just improving visibility into your company. It also helps reduce your financial risk by minimizing the amount of inventory you hold at any given time and improves your cash flow by optimizing the movement of inventory from purchase to use.

  • Save Cash & Reduce Risk. Don’t tie up more cash than you need to in inventory. The Arborgold supply chain management feature helps you make more informed purchase decisions by letting you see what you have, what you currently need, what you will need for upcoming jobs, and which inventory to ask your sales reps to push.
  • Predict Inventory Needs. Compare your inventory to pending bids to predict what inventory will need to stock. You can also use historical data to make more informed predictions based on seasonal trends.
  • Maximize Vendor Relationships. Keep a close eye on vendor rates to compare best prices and bulk-buy options, and easily reorder inventory when needed. You can also create purchase orders for vendors and manage bills and payments through the supply chain management system.
  • Improve Job Costing. As service providers, we know that the profitability of a project starts with the initial bid. Using the Arborgold supply chain management feature allows you to better connect inventory costs to product bids for more accurate costing and improved profitability.

View Your Landscape Inventory at a Glance Arborgold Cloud Brings it All Together

Your inventory needs are already in your work orders and estimates, and Arborgold does the calculations for you. Eliminate double-entry, guesswork, and spreadsheets by migrating that information from work orders and pending jobs automatically into your Arborgold chain management feature. See at a glance what you have, what you need for current and upcoming projects, and which vendor to order needed inventory from.

This helps your landscape business:

  • Know current needs vs. current inventory to see what you need to purchase to fill immediate work orders.
  • Predict upcoming needs by comparing current inventory to scheduled work or open bids to anticipate needs.
  • Analyze inventory trends to better optimize purchase patterns
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Who Will Benefit from Arborgold’s Supply Chain Management Feature? Reduce Risk & Improve Cash Flow

Arborgold’s supply chain management feature works best for landscaping companies who hold inventory and would benefit from the following:

  • Better control over costs and cash flow
  • Having the right stock at the right time
  • Minimizing the time inventory sits in the warehouse
  • Better control over incoming vendor bills and invoices

What’s Included in Arborgold Supply Chain Management?

The Arborgold supply chain management includes vendor management, inventory management, purchase order creation and management, accounts payable, and QuickBooks exporting.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is about more than just knowing what you have now; it’s also about knowing what you need in the future. As landscape business owners, we know that any inventory sitting in the warehouse means cash that is tied up indefinitely. The Arborgold supply management feature lets you see:

  • Current Inventory. Up-to-date information about current inventory, including manual adjustments for spillage, waste, incoming receipts, etc.
  • Impending Needs. Inventory needs for scheduled and pending services so you can predict what inventory you need to purchase and when.
  • Inventory Trends. Is there a product that always seems to be running low, or one that sees excessive waste? Is there a product you’ve held in your warehouse too long that your sales reps should push? Are there items that go out of stock or on backorder at a predictable time each season—and can you mitigate this with a more informed pre-order? The supply chain management feature lets you analyze trends for more informed decisions.

Vendor Management

Vendor management is your digital rolodex of vendors including details about historical orders, bulk order pricing, and any other details you’d like to include. Having this tool through the Arborgold supply chain management feature allows you to better compare vendors, including current prices, bulk pricing, and comparisons of cost fluctuations over time. This empowers you with better information to negotiate purchase contracts and relationships to make more informed vendor relationship decisions.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders may be made to a vendor for inventory or services through the supply chain management feature. These purchase orders may be created for inventory or services needed for a particular job or needed in bulk. This helps you see at a glance which purchase orders are open, view historical purchase orders, and better link specific purchase orders to work orders when applicable for better job costing.

Accounts Payable

If you’ve ever had an invoice fall through the cracks or be double-paid then you know the importance of tracking incoming bills and invoices. This part of the Arborgold supply chain management system lets you view current and historical invoices and lets you track whether or not they’ve been paid. Arborgold also links with QuickBooks to make payment and tracking quick, easy, and seamless.

Get Started with Arborgold

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