Arborgold Customer Portal

Edge out the competition

In a nutshell, Arborgold’s Customer Portal Software gives you an advantage over your competition in quality of service by:

  • Allowing customers to access certain data for their account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Drawing more traffic to your website for login, giving you an advantage to cross market to your clients while increasing the number of hits to your site, and improving Google Rankings (link:

Experts agree, Customer Portal Software is a growing trend for services businesses of any size.  Read Forrester’s report here (link:…)

Arborgold Customer Portal

View & Approve Proposals

Gone are the days of back and forth emails with proposals in “the decision queue”.  Arborgold Customer Portal software gives your customers instant access to view and approve proposals created by their sales person, real-time online.

View account balance information

Giving your customers the ability to view payments, invoice history and other account details will eliminate the majority of simple service calls and customer response times.

Get 30 days free when you create an account

Make payments with online check or credit card processing

Customer account payments are applied to open invoices and an internal notification appears on your Arborgold dashboard.

View job history & jobs in progress

At any time, your customers may need copies of job history, as well as check in on jobs currently in the queue.  Customer Portal software eliminates the lag time between a request, and the information they need asap.