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Why is Arborgold the best landscaping business software?

Discover the features that today's leading landscape maintenance and installation companies use to acquire more customers and create repeat business year-after-year.

Landscape Business Software Mobile App Features

So you can run your business both from the office and on-the-go

Ready to use templates

Load landscape designs into the Arborgold CAD landscaping software for quick planning.

Include your company name

Customize your landscape design by adding your company logo in the presentation to your client.

Save drafts for later

Begin phase one of a landscape design, save, and come back a couple days later to complete phase two.


Best landscape design software

Drag and drop from our vast library of structures, shapes, trees, plants, hardscapes, and more.

Advanced landscape features

Adjust item stroke weight, fill color, and size. Adjust the gradient on structures, add background cover, and more.

Custom support avenues

We provide support via phone, email, knowledge base, and more. Need help? We have you covered.

All-in-one software for landscape business

Set yourself apart from the competition with Arborgold's All-In-One Software for Landscape companies. Deliver branded estimates in record time, automate bid follow-up, maximize crew capacity with advanced scheduling and routing features, and manage job and monitor job costs with checklists, time-tracking, real-time inventory tracking, and project management features.

Arborgold field service software in the office and in the field

Top features for landscaping businesses


Flexible scheduling options

Job Management

Manage snow removal requests with ease.


Landscaping software that enables billing & payments done your way

Customer Service

Improve customer service for your landscaping company

What Our Clients Are Saying

Curby's Landscape

If anyone of our staff calls in and asks a question, someone is always there to answer, and if they don’t know the answer, they get back with us quickly.

I love the email history features where we can see if our client has opened our email invoice!

We love the supply chain inventory features especially when we rotate material. We know if and when to order materials instead of guessing.

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Win More Bids with a Custom Landscape Design

It’s a competitive world out there. As a landscape company, your bids may be just one of many for any job. Price, proposal, response time, and design are huge factors when making a decision.

Arborgold’s built-it proposal tool combines the best landscape design software with today’s best-in-class estimating features. Speed up the bid process and show off your creativity by including a digital landscape design or upload your own image or drawing. Include photos of the property, of the intended materials, and prior jobs that testimonialize your work.

Arborgold is here to help you figure out your profit margins, your proposed design, and your resource availability, so that you not only bid the job, you win the job, and make money on the job.


Job Management

Enable A Healthier Pipeline With Top-notch Landscape Design

Arborgold also includes CRM features next to the landscaping design software. The CRM system is more than just a scheduling tool with a contact area. Today’s leading companies use the product’s pipeline and opportunity features to keep track of every conversation, every bid, and work order. Here’s how:

Garden Design with Tablet

Work from anywhere

 Sales teams use Arborgold’s cloud and mobile apps to stay on top of bids with the best landscape design software, on the go. With dashboard widgets that show outstanding proposals that need follow up, nothing falls through the cracks.

Close more sales

With Arborgold’s Automated follow-up features. Create email drip campaigns that communicate your proposed landscape designs and nurture your prospect to a decision. Create tasks for sales teams to call and text in a consistent prospecting lifecycle.

Know your numbers

View overview management reports that show close ratio and how much potential revenue is outstanding in proposed work, at any time, by sales rep.


Landscaping Software That Enables Billing & Payments Done Your Way

Landscaping companies need a flexible billing system that matches the ways they perform the work. With Arborgold, you’re customizing your quotes to include deposit requirements and other important milestone payments.

Arborgold’s billing features make managing contracts easy with automated recurring invoicing options that can be adjusted at any time.

From our mobile apps, your landscape company can track time & materials from the field to adjust invoices on the fly, improving billing accuracy and the time it takes to send an invoice to your customer.

You can review cash flow forecasts by tracking deposits against current and past work orders. Bill each project in parts, by line item, or as a flat amount, at any point during the job.

landscape software payment invoicing arborgold

Customer Service

Improve Customer Service For Your Landscaping Company

Arborgold software customer portal online

Software designed specifically for landscape companies, companies are responding quicker to quote requests and following through on every landscape project estimate with sales pipeline reports, automated follow-up, and a digital message and appointment center.

In addition, with Arborgold's 24/7 Customer Portal, your clients can access real-time account information to review bids, approve jobs, pay invoices, and make additional service requests.

From landscape design software to activity notes, work order line items, property photos, estimates, prepayments, and other important invoice information, crews, salespeople, and office teams stay connected with access to the information they need from anywhere they are.

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