Arborgold’s Software for Landscaping Companies Case Study

About Curby's Landscape

Since 1984, Curby’s Landscaping has provided residential and commercial clients with outdoor hardscape and irrigation installation services in and around the Johnson County USA area. Each month Curby Landscaping transforms average green spaces into vibrant, organized, color-rich places where people can maximize their outdoor space, relax, and entertain.

curbys landscape arborgold testimonial


Curby Landscape Arborgold testimonial case study

If anyone of our staff calls in and asks a question, someone is always there to answer, and if they don’t know the answer, they get back with us quickly.

I love the email history features where we can see if our client has opened our email invoice!

We love the supply chain inventory features especially when we rotate material. We know if and when to order materials instead of guessing.

Our guys have really taken to clock in and out of the job. They really like having their work orders on their phones and being able to look ahead and even plan for the next day.



As a company that offers the majority of their clients both design and build services over multiple days or weeks, Curby sales teams spent valuable time researching asset inventory and pricing when generating detailed design estimates based on paper drawings, thereby creating a lag in the overall sales lifecycle. In addition, they had very little team visibility on the status of any project and project profitability at any time. They wanted a software system that offered a comprehensive landscape design tool, combined with project management features that would streamline and connect the dots between design, quoting, project management, and invoicing. After a prior failed attempt with another software application that wasn’t specific to their material installation business, they needed not just a technology tool, but a team to help them customize and implement it.



During the initial Arborgold investigation, the company recognized an opportunity to increase profits by improving their service line item succession scheduling, crew routing, and project management oversight with Arborgold. In addition, Arborgold could take the place of “hand counted” inventory controls, streamlining supply chain and introducing material procurement by job. In fact, with real-time updates on all client jobs feeding into a centralized inventory management system, cash flow would improve dramatically.




Scheduling has gotten way more efficient because they love to use the districts feature so that they are “micro-districts” and if a crew finishes a job faster in the day, they can operate on the fly and find a job in a specific district with the mobile crew app and finish MORE than they had planned before coming back to the office. Routes much more efficiently which takes into account location, service, and inventory assigned. It would have been a pain without Arborgold.




After Curby’s first full year with Arborgold, owner Curby Hughes gained control over his crews and costs and increased bottom-line profits by 9%.

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