Purchase Agreement & Refund Policy

The following are not refundable:

(a) any fees for set-up services (such as fees for the setup of Software and/or of web services)
(b) any fees for custom work (such as customizing Software, customizing forms, customizing reports, and/or importing data)
(c) any fees for implementation and/or training services
(d) annual and/or monthly subscription fees

Because your service is pre-paid—and especially because an annual subscription is pre-paid at a yearly discount—service will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period. If payment stops, your plan will be discontinued and will not renew again. Subscriptions cannot be transferred.

Support Response and SLA

While most support questions and issues will be handled upon being received, all users can be assured that an initial response of all support issues will be made within one (3) business days of when the issue is reported. This acknowledgement of the issue may take the form of a returned phone call or the issuance of a support ticket. We are sensitive to the fact that some support issues may require immediate attention; therefore, we have implemented a chart consisting of graduated levels of response based on the severity of the issue at hand.

Hours of Support

Arborgold live support is posted inside your application. The company will make every effort to address issues and questions immediately as the support calls are received by our support team. However, during periods of heavy call traffic, some overflow may occur. When they cannot reach a person right away, users are urged to leave a voice message stating their company name, followed by a description of the problem. We will respond to messages in one business day. Any business day after-hours messages or weekend questions will receive an initial response the following business day and will be prioritized according to the severity of the problem.

How to Request Support

For all non-emergencies, users are encouraged to create a support ticket or initiate an in-app chat session. For urgent questions or issues, users are encouraged to call for support by telephone. Please note that if all support techs are busy, you may wait in the support hold cue for up to five minutes before being directed to leave a message. Voice messages will be responded at their soonest opportunity.

After hours or Emergency Support

Support outside of the regular business hours may be requested and provided at an additional charge.

Support Options

Telephone the support department at (812) 269-8402
Initiate chat or create a support ticket from the support login page at https://arborgold.com

Customized Reports

Tree Management Systems may customize reports on a case-by-case basis, but it is under no obligation to do so. Report customization is not included in your monthly or yearly subscription. If you request any customization, you grant Tree Management Systems a non-exclusive license to incorporate or modify that modification in its software products without further permission or consideration. You agree that the evaluation and possibility of execution of the requested modification by Tree Management Systems shall be considered sufficient consideration for the use of such an idea, suggestion, or request.

Customization Agreements / Customized Software

A Customization Agreement is not a contract to produce the modification but rather an agreement to make reasonable efforts to produce the customization. Tree Management Systems shall determine, in its sole judgment, what efforts are reasonable. Tree Management Systems cannot commit to a deadline for completion of a customization, even if an estimated completion date is given. Tree Management Systems may cancel a Customization Agreement at any time.

A Customization Agreement includes a “Customization Description,” a full and detailed statement of the customization you want. Once you have submitted a signed Customization Agreement to Tree Management Systems, your Customization Description shall be the basis for the customization fee. Any subsequent alteration in your instructions may—in the sole judgment of Tree Management Services—cause an increase in the customization fee. Tree Management Systems reserves the right to decline any request for customization or for alteration of an existing customization.

Process for Report Customization

If you want a customized report, please take the following steps:

  1. First, to prepare the Customization Description, either (a) print an existing report that is similar and mark the desired modifications on the printed copy or (b) create a mock-up of the desired report in Microsoft Word or other software program.  Include any annotations necessary to communicate clearly what you want.
  2. Then fax or email us a copy of your instructions.  Include your company name and contact information. Our fax number is 1-800-933-1955. Our customization email address is [email protected].

Tree Management Systems will consider the customization request, determine the cost of the customization, and fax you a Customization Agreement. If you agree to the price and the other terms of the Customization Agreement, fax a signed copy of the Customization Agreement to us. Upon the completion of the work, you will receive a PDF preview of the customized report for confirmation.

Once the customized report has been approved, we will charge the fee to your credit card and update your Cloud site with the customized report. Further work may be billed, at the company’s discretion. at no less than $75.00 for each round of follow-up customization.

Payment Terms

Credit card authorization for the entire cost of the customization is required before customization of the report begins. Upon completion of the customization, the full amount will be charged.