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Need help managing your customer plant and tree inventory? Here at Arborgold delivers the best inventory management features to help you tackle the job.

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What does an inventory management system for service businesses look like?

Today’s operations in tree care, landscape, and plant health care are expanding; the growth is allowing companies to improve their services and revenues by using plant and tree inventory software. Our system makes the planning and warehousing effortless, allowing companies to focus less on keeping up with inventory, and more on satisfying their customers.

Arborgold is designed specifically to help your company; we work with several types of companies that do landscape, lawn care, tree and plant health care. We can help you with all of your inventory management needs.

What is the key to successful inventory management? Robust and easy to use software that helps to keep product records grouped in an orderly fashion. With a couple of clicks, you can track and document all of your customer’s recurring plant and tree orders, and itemize your assets necessary to meet that customer’s demand. With our service, you will have everything you need when taking care of your clients, letting your business run at peak performance.

Is Arborgold Plant & Tree Inventory Software the right fit for your Tree Care, Plant Healthcare, or Landscaping Business?


How It Works

Watch this short video for an example of how to create a quote or proposal from a specific customer’s inventory:

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Leading tree and plant and healthcare professionals today are able to access the information they need at any time or location. Having the capability to quickly find a customer’s treatment plan is essential; our inventory system can store and retrieve several years worth of information, allowing you to answer customer’s questions instantly.

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Arborgold has the leading plant management software available; our system includes location GPS services that give your company a detailed map of the locations of your assets. Our software makes your job more straightforward and less confusing, especially on a large property that has many service work orders.

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Arborgold inventory management helps your clients such as hotels, resorts, government agencies, and other real estate development businesses plan and budget for new inventory each year based on the health of their existing assets.

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Our software comes with Arborgold’s Mobile Estimator app that helps you keep track of your client’s inventory. Your sales team will have the ability to add an unlimited amount of photos of inventory and other assets; this service can help keep you and your clients visually informed on the current state of their property.

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When to Montetize Tree Inventory with Clients

We help service businesses by giving them the plant management software and tools they need to run a successful company. Today, clients who work with Arborgold are increasing their customer revenues and are generating new business partnerships by:

  • Digitally generating bids for their services to dozens of their clients in just a few clicks. They bid on services such as pruning, cleanup, and chemical treatments.
  • Using Arborgold’s CRM to connect with their customers on social media and display marketing campaigns. CRM features give them the capability to search, filter, and retarget customers with “treatable” trees in a simple yet impactful way. When you use our plant maintenance functionality, you will be able to reach out to more customers.
  • Contacting clients about possible tree or plant health issues such as leaning trees or replacing declining assets, before the client reports them to you. Our system gives you the tools needed to be proactive.
  • Training mobile crews by letting them review their on-file inventory information before they go on-site. Our software allows workers to be more prepared and knowledgeable about the job and the client’s needs.

Where Should You Store Your Data?

At Arborgold, your data should be stored and accessible anywhere you are.

Tree Inventory software should come from a collaborative effort between the sales estimating team at a first site visit, to the mobile crew who visits each tree or plant with updates.

And most importantly that data should be used and accessible to the sales teams, marketing admins, and customer support staff, to ensure each inventory item is used to build customer loyalty, increase revenue per customer, and provide additional testimonials for future sales.