With any investment, it’s all about “getting what you pay for”.

At Arborgold, what you get is software success. Unlike many of the “other” service software programs on the market, Arborgold’s comes with an initial training and setup program so you stay on top of the technology, and find your happy place with our product.

Not all companies needs are equal. Our training team tailors the training around your business needs. It’s like the fast track lane on the freeway, without road rage!

Some popular training sessions for our clients include:

  • Connecting your Arborgold software with Quickbooks
  • Integrating Arborgold with Google Calendar
  • Using Twillio with Arborgold for SMS / Text Messaging
  • Creating and personalizing proposal templates.
  • Setting up invoice and work orders templates.
  • Customizing email marketing templates


We’re here to help you get started. Choose from one of the below training, setup, and implementation packages so you can hit the ground running with core features like proposals/bids, scheduling, and invoicing.  (required for all new Entrepreneur, Premium, and Ultimate Customers).

Training & Implementation

For businesses looking for one-on-one guidance from a technical expert as their relationships grows with Arborgold. From user setup to data imports and integrations, our trainers will work hourly with you and your team as a done-for-you OR done-with-you solution.

  • Take advantage of our structured curriculum for successful on-boarding.
  • Customize your sessions based on your unique goals

Virtual Consulting

Form-fit your current business operations within Arborgold. Access the experience and technical expertise as we map your current business logic and business models, and integrate it into the software.

  • Every virtual consulting engagement is uniquely personalized to the wants, needs, and goals of your business.
  • Jumpstart at lightning speed with customized training and done-with-you on-boarding for each of your users.

On-site Training

Companies with larger office teams who need one-on-one “hands-on” in-person training or consulting can learn in their own seats, in front of their own workstations.

  • Prior to any on-site, we’re working with you to clearly defining goals and timelines to ensure we meet or exceed your expectations.
  • From technical help to marketing, production operations, and finance, with on-site, we’re at your disposal for all of your business needs.


and find out if Arborgold is right for you?


Live Phone Support

Available during business hours Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM Eastern, our customers have access to a LIVE BODY where no question gets left unanswered, real-time.

Email Support

For many of customers, their business is always “on-the-go”.  Getting answers via email is the best use of their time when they need support. Arborgold support is watching for new requests 24/7.

Extensive Knowledge base

With over 20 years developing software for the green industry, we’ve seen plenty! Each support request becomes an opportunity for us to increase our technical online knowledgebase AND our best practice lawn care, landscape, and tree service business user manual. Watch videos on demand, read short articles and instructions that get RIGHT to the point!

Arborgold Customer Support Automated Ticketing System

During non business hours, EVERY support request is captured by our support center software.  Nothing slips through the cracks.

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