Lawn Care Software: the best tool for your lawn business

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How did Arborgold become the best Lawn Care Software available?

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Easy Lawn Care Bids

Create, print or e-send single or multi-service option lawn care estimates, bids, quotes, and proposals in minutes.

Simple Job Scheduling & Management

Complex lawn care work order schedules are simplified with Arborgold drag and drop features (w/ optimized routing).

Quick Time & Material Tracking

Integrate seamless time tracking features and record regulatory chemicals on the lawn or in the field.

Organized Billing & Invoicing

Flexible billing options including single service. recurring, contract, e-pay options, deposits, and prepayments.

Market your Lawn Care Business

Automated bid follow-up, create seasonal specials, cross-sell and renew services through email and text messaging communication.

Calculate Lawn Square footage

Calculate price and materials with Arborgold’s built-in lawn measuring tool. This speeds up lawn care job bidding.

Generate more income for your lawn care business

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Lawn care software to manage your service business is very important. What makes any lawn care business profitable is the right combination of mowing, lawn spraying, weed control, aeration, and other yard maintenance jobs in high volume and operational efficiency. Arborgold is the lawn care software that does both very well. Arborgold is the leading lawn care software solution, integrating client management with estimating, scheduling and job management, invoicing and marketing.

  • Arborgold’s Lawn measurement tool enables quote creation remotely (in the office) or on-site (in the field).
  • Arborgold’s message center and pipeline features help you stay on top of every lawn care service call, every estimate, and every website lead.
  • Arborgold lawn care software allows service businesses to add packages of services as well as optional upsells to each bid, increasing the total potential value per lead.

Being the top lawn care software means Arborgold allows lawn care companies to include property photos, landscape digital designs, and prior job gallery images to support the estimate of any services including (but not limited to) clean-ups, aerations, and more.

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Lawn care job scheduling made easy with Arborgold

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Lawn care companies work in high volume, repetitive, or even successor scheduling environments. When your crews arrive on time, complete each service, and mark the job complete, you’re making money. With Arborgold lawn care software, you can:

Schedule lawn care services together, like coring and fertilizing or schedule and manage each service independently. Or schedule recurring service contract work orders indefinitely in just a couple of clicks.

What happens if someone gets sick or goes on vacation? With Arborgold, adjusting lawn care work orders based on your available workforce happens in seconds.

Arborgold’s advanced scheduling features help lawn care service businesses find the most efficient date and time for any service based on crew location, service type, and customer request.

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Proficient job management at the touch of a button

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Locate lawn care production crews by GPS with start and stop check-ins in support of payroll and job costing (direct cost) reports.

With Arborgold lawn care software you can create custom crew checklists to ensure teams have everything covered when they’re in the field.

Add on additional services to any lawn care job while at the job site and document important reporting requirements such as chemical tracking and weather from our MobileCrew app.

Complete work orders while in the field and give lawn care crews the option to bill clients on-site.

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TIME tracking
Improve customer service for your landscaping company

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Executives and managers can use Arborgold’s overview management dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your lawn care company to understand profitability while identifying ways to reduce overhead costs.

Estimators and sales team leaders are depending on Arborgold’s Job Costing features to increase the potential Gross Profit for any given work order.

Arborgold’s lawn care business software allows you to access real-time GPS location check-in reports to validate and export weekly, bi-weekly, and other important payroll data.

Mobile Crew lawn care app track chemicals and weather conditions at each job site in preparation for Arborgold’s ready-made state required chemical reports.

Watch over crew productivity by month, by week, and by day while ensuring company profitability by setting crew goals.

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