Time is money

In today’s business environment, we’re moving at the speed of light. If we’re not careful, we can easily lose sight of leads, proposals/estimates, client requests, and more. Your reputation and your revenue depends on your ability to stay connected to the actions that matter.

Online appointment calendar

How it works


A lead comes in

A lead or customer calls in asking for information from your company.

Easily assign lead to a team member

Without a sales rep or account manager available, you enter in their request to the Arborgold phone center and assign it to the person responsible on your team.

Notifications received in real-time

From the field, your team member can see that phone message and appointments assigned to them in real-time!

In one click you can immediately notify team members about their phone messages via text message!


Each call logged is timestamped with the user information so you know EXACTLY when calls came in.


Items NEVER disappear from your call queue (like those nasty, elusive sticky notes).

Arborgold’s phone and online appointment calendar offers you a way to EASILY keep track of the tasks and events that make you money, every day.

Arborgold’s phone and online appointment calendar offers you a way to EASILY keep track of the tasks and events that make you money, every day.
Calendar & Appointment Scheduling

Take the guess work out of complex scheduling

Even though your lawn care, landscape or tree service business is a “service business”, we’re still in sales! Your front-office online appointment calendar is mission critical to completing tasks and creating new revenue. With too many features to list, here are the juicy ones that our clients love.

  • Use Arborgold’s drag and drop feature to convert phone messages into appointments on your team’s calendars.
  • Filter and view phone messages and appointments by team member.
  • Manage the status of phone messages as completed or not completed.
  • View phone messages and appointment within the contact record accounts detail.
  • Record the ad source (and see where your customers are coming from).

Client service requests, inbound requests for estimates, and other important events are more than just a sticky note or random paper in your office.


Arborgold’s secure cloud software is available ANYWHERE you have internet access!


Your Arborgold calendar FULLY integrates with Google Calendar if you love Google. =)


Users are color-coded so you can easily see everyone’s availability and schedule!

Appointment scheduling assistant

It's not Siri, but it's darn close!

In sales, time is money. The most time you’re on the road, the more money you’re spending on acquiring that brand new customer.

When looking to book your next sales appointment, office teams using Arborgold’s Appointment Scheduling Assistant sales reps can view appointments on a map within a date range. From there, you have a bird’s eye view of what works best.


Group your sales appointments together that are in the same area


Arborgold calculates the distance of all scheduled appointments so that you can see everything as a bird’s eye view on a map.


Less drive time means happier employees, lower travel expenses, and more appointments in a shorter time frame.


Arborgold Dancing Green Triangles - Divider

Arborgold screens showing map and JOBS listings

Optional Caller ID

When running a lawn care, landscape or tree service company answering up to 30 calls a day, business intelligence can be a huge factor in your success. That’s why we developed our optional Caller ID integration with CallerID.com. By connecting CallerID.com to your Arborgold cloud software, inbound office calls are automatically logged into a call queue. You’ll never misplace another phone number!

Even better, when calls come through, if the phone number is anywhere inside your Arborgold account, the callers’ name and phone number will flash on the screen when call comes in. When you’re ready to provide even better customer service and stay on top of high volume inbound calls, you’ve got the best industry option.

Arborgold screens showing map and JOBS listings

The Arborgold call log is color coded so you instantly know which phone numbers are already in the system.


Click on any phone number in the log to create a phone message for an existing contact, or create a new contact!


CallerID.com provides all public information about this phone number including contact name and/or company if available.