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Arborgold Software For Plant Health Care Business Management

So you can run your business both from the office and on-the-go

Schedule your way

With seasonal, recurring, project & successor scheduling options.

Manage concurrent jobs remotely

Manage status, capture weather conditions, document progress, and add-on services.

Cross market to your existing clients

Generate recurring income with automated renewals and cross-marketing options.

Deliver best-in-class customer service

Improve your client experience and happiness with a 24/7 client self-serve online account portal.

Real-time resource and inventory management

Schedule equipment, keep track of chemicals and other inventory, and more.

Organize and analyze

Review dozens of key business indicators reports and simplify regulatory reporting.

Increase Sales, Manage Crews, As You Grow Your Business

For companies who are ready to consolidate their client database into one system, document client plant and tree inventory, transition to digital estimating, automate recurring billing, personalized bids, and so much more.

Software features for plant health care businesses

Top features for plant health care businesses


Plant health care scheduling software


Nursery resource tracking

Tree/Plant Inventory

Easily inventory plants & trees


Arborgold features help generate more income

Customer Service

Improved operations and response times


Plant Health Care Scheduling Software

It's no secret that the right Plant health care scheduling software needs to a handle high-volume, repetitive and time-sensitive workflows.

With Arborgold Cloud and Mobile Apps, your teams are:

  • Communicating scheduling in real-time using GPS to track and dispatch crews for optimal transit times.
  • Adding service line items and modifying jobs and other important data on the fly.
  • Scheduling different types of services along with plant health care, like a lawn spray or tree pruning.

Gone are the days of deploying two or more separate crews for multiple services at the same location. With Arborgold, you can combine service types into a single on-site visit in just a couple of clicks. The result? You’re reducing costs and improving the efficiency of your crews.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Parshall Tree Care Experts

Parshall Tree Care Experts experienced an overall increase in revenue of 50 - 70% the last two years in a row. And that is a direct correlation and link to how much they invested in using Arborgold. The more they used Arborgold, the higher their profits, and the greater and faster they increased revenue.



Resource & Chemical Tracking

It doesn’t matter if you have one or one hundred crews, successful growing plant health care teams use Arborgold to track job progress and keep a watchful eye on material resources.

With Arborgold, tracking and reporting is easy when:

  • Crews digitally recording weather conditions and document chemical usage at the job site so state regulatory reports can be printed and filed in a couple of clicks.
  • Material inventory and supply chain is updated real-time as quantities are assigned to jobs as they are scheduled and at the job site.
  • Arborgold’s job costing reports provide you with an accurate overview or direct expenses such as injections, spray chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, labor, equipment and drive time.

Tree/Plant inventory

Easily Inventory Plants & Trees

Nursery management software can help you raise the customer service bar in plant health care. Arborgold’s tree and plant inventory features provide detailed records of your customer’s assets:

  • Add unlimited tree inventory records with photos and track assets via interactive maps.
  • Record tree age, condition, height, diameter at breast height, and canopy.
  • Apply custom tags for easy-to-search documentation.
  • Set up automatic service pricing such as deep root feeding and injections.
  • Apply exact cost and price based on a formula factoring height, diameter at breast height and canopy.
  • Document health, treatments, and progress over time.

With Arborgold’s sophisticated plant health care and nursery all-in-one management software model, your production teams, sales teams, and office teams stay connected with activity notes, work order line items, property photos, estimates, prepayments, and other important invoice information.

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Proposal software for plant health care businesses


Arborgold Features Help Generate More Income

Profitable plant health care companies want repeat business. Whether it’s seasonal spraying or monthly treatments, Arborgold makes it simple to schedule and bill recurring services, contracts and annual renewals.

Search and create new cross-selling income opportunities from your existing customer base.

Track every inbound call that turns into a price quote with Arborgold’s Opportunity pipeline features

Store all your bids, messages, appointments, and site visits to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks.

Customer Service

Improve Your Operation and Response Times


With Arborgold’s cloud software, your production crews, sales staff and office teams stay connected to the information they need most:

  • Respond quicker by triggering text messages or push notifications with Arborgold’s integrated Message Center when new quote requests come through or customers reach out.
  • Speed up your ability to create professional-looking proposals with property photos and CAD drawings with Arborgold’s Proposal builder.
  • Create a digital footprint of the property to prepare your annual visual inspection guide as you prepare to estimate new work.
  • Offer 24/7 self-serve secure portal access to your plant health care clients where they can access real-time account information to review estimates, approve jobs, pay invoices and make additional service requests.
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