Arborgold’s Software for Tree Care Companies Case Study

About Parshall Tree

Since Parshall Tree Care Expert’s inception in 2008, Corey Parshall and his team provide residential and commercial tree care services including removals, pruning, stump grinding, and other plant health care. In 2015, Parshall Tree decided to implement Arborgold Software into their business.


corey parshall arborgold testimonials

We love Arborgold’s Dynamic Proposal tool where our customers can accept and pay for services online with seamlessly integrated credit card payments.

Arborgold’s client Plant and Tree Inventory features help us stay organized. It allows us to proactively carry over thousands of service opportunities and renewals each month, quarter, and year.

Arborgold’s email integration with SendGrid allows us to see if our clients and leads are opening promotional emails, bids, and invoices. Our follow-up on receivables and estimates is always more effective when we know more about any client’s online experience.



Parshall Tree started their tree care and plant health care business with exponential growth in mind. For years Parshall’s estimating and operations teams would manage their entire operations on paper. From hand-written estimates to paper scheduling and invoicing, they knew that to grow and expand their plant health care services, they needed to revolutionize their entire operation. Before implementing Arborgold, without a centralized, digital database of plant and tree inventory as well as customer activity history, Parshall Tree would struggle to stay connected with existing clients for new business. They were ready for cloud-based and mobile app technology that would speed up the bid process, track crew profitability with direct and indirect costs, automate potential quarterly and annual renewals, and offer reporting features that showed mission critical KPI metrics in real-time.



Over the course of the entire experience with Arborgold, Parshall Tree consolidated their entire client database of plant and tree inventory into Arborgold Cloud. Sales teams transitioned to on-site digital estimating. Accounting teams systematized and automated recurring billing for plant health care clients. They personalized bid and invoice templates with service options, reviews, and other important certification logos to help them win more bids. They onboarded their crews with Arborgold’s mobile apps to time track via gps, digitally report chemical tracking, setup jobs for billing, and update job progress reports with images and inventory by location.


PHC Scheduling

Scheduling has gotten way more efficient because they love to use the districts feature so that they are “micro-districts” and if a crew finishes a job faster in the day, they can operate on the fly and find a job in a specific district with the mobile crew app and finish MORE than they had planned before coming back to the office. Routes much more efficiently which takes into account location, service, and inventory assigned. It would have been a pain without Arborgold.




We experienced an overall increase in revenue of 50 - 70% the last two years in a row. And that is a direct correlation and link to how much we invested in using Arborgold. The more we use Arborgold, the higher our profits, and the greater and faster we've increased revenue.