Arborgold Feature: Create Dynamic Proposals with ease

A fully customizable interactive flip-page brochure with instant acceptance notification.

Arborgold's dynamic proposals creation lets you stay above the competition

Generate beautiful, personalized proposals on the fly

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Arborgold’s Dynamic Proposal creation feature takes proposal presentations to a whole new level of professionalism and sets your company apart from your competitors. Instead of emailing attachments, you’ll send them a link that takes them to a customized proposal that’s built into a digital brochure.

  • A personalized letter from the CEO
  • Links to videos, photos, or any other web content
  • Insurance certificates
  • Customer testimonials
  • Information about your services

The Dynamic Proposal also features built-in customer signature capture. So, once the customer signs and accepts the proposal a copy of the signed proposal is automatically emailed to the sales rep as well as the customer.

With Dynamic Proposal you can build your digital brochure once and generate beautiful, personalized proposals on the fly; saving thousands of dollars on printed brochures!