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Customer Relationship Management Made Simple

Unlimited Contact Data Storage

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With over 35 different contact fields available to store mission critical information, Arborgold’s CRM offers so much more than QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel.

  • Store hundreds or even thousands of contact records!
  • Generate and export contact lists for direct mail and/or email marketing
  • Print detailed contact sheets,
  • Access contact details from your desktop or mobile device
  • Track contacts by lead source
  • Use tags to filter and segment your lists.
Dynamic Proposals Arborgold
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Access To Information From Anywhere You Are

Get What You Need FAST

With Arborgold powerful search features, you're giving your entire team access to your customer and lead contact data from ANYWHERE they are. When you centralize information, everything happens quickly and easily.

  • Search customers and leads by first name, last name, address, email, phone number, job site, invoice numbers, PO numbers, and more.
  • Review detailed account activity by for each contact and stay connected to important information.
  • Add, edit and/or delete contacts from your office or on the go in just seconds.

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“They are always updating and adding new things to make it better. They have an awesome team that is willing to help you when you need it.”

Carol Watson
North American Tree

Features Designed To Match Your Business

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Contrary to most CRM systems where you have many one or two addresses available per contact or company, Arborgold’s CRM allows users to create an UNLIMITED number of job sites per customer. Now you’re tracking work orders and other important activities for each location.


For any business owner, it’s important to have a birds-eye view at each contact, just how much revenue and invoices they have generated to contribute to your bottom line. With Arborgold’s CRM, customer jobs are neatly stored in a easy-to-find filing system under each account.


Arborgold’s CRM connects product feature sets such as electronic phone messages, group calendar and appointment centers so you can find everything you need in one place. No more misplaced pieces of paper or coordinating multiple calendars.


No good deed goes unnoticed! (and no bad behavior gets overlooked). With Arborgold’s Activity log, you can see system or contact changes made by any user in the system. This means real accountability for you and your team. Track jobs, invoicing, payments, job status, adding/deleting records, and more.


At Arborgold, we love to share. =) Many Tree Service, Lawn Care, and Landscape Businesses are using Google Docs with their clients. Using Arborgold’s CRM, you can create links to your Google Docs in any contact record. This allows you quick access to these items through the Arborgold CRM interface.


Mobility and accessibility when your company employees are away from their desk or on the go is critical to keeping everything moving in the right direction. With Arborgold’s MobileEstimator and MobileCrew apps, everyone is connected to contact, work order, invoice, estimates and other information they need most.