Arborgold Sales Estimation App for your sales team (on iPhone & Android)

The functionality to manage contacts, messages, appointments, proposals, emails and more – everything a sales team could want on-the-go.

arborgold mobile estimator appointment scheduling

Introducing Arborgold

Mobile Sales Estimator App

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Create Professional Looking Proposals In Minutes

Our Mobile Sales Estimator app lets you create estimates and communicate with your staff and customers. Run your company efficiently using the following tools:

  • Include a drawing or picture of the property
  • Map/route scheduled appointments
  • Access customer history from anywhere
  • Access messages and appointments instantly
  • View and modify task lists and eliminate paperwork

arborgold mobile estimator appointment scheduling

Mobile Estimator Allows Access To Your Entire Client Database

Complete customer database

Our mobile sales app for your service business allows you to retrieve customer information effortlessly. You can search using the customer’s first or last name, company, address, phone number, city, or any other criteria.

Once you access the searched client, you will be able to view all of the customer’s job history. This includes (and is not limited to): proposals, work orders, and completed jobs. You will also have the versatility to display messages and appointment history. Everything within the system is organized, so you can find what you need quickly and update any customer information on the fly.

Mobile Estimator App For Messaging and Appointments

Never miss another appointment or call-back

With the Mobile Sales Estimator app, messages and appointments are instantly accessible for your business, keeping you and your staff updated at all times. The professional design of our mobile app for sales allows you to:

  • All messages and appointments created by the office staff are instantly accessible from the mobile estimator app!
  • Turn messages in to appointments in just a couple of clicks.
  • Create and save new messages from customers, so you don’t forget to follow up.
  • Re-assign messages and appointments to other sales reps in the field.

Mobile Estimator App For Messaging and Appointments

Is Mobile Estimating software available for your device?

Our Mobile Sales Estimating app is compatible with iPhone and Android; and integrates seamlessly with your Arborgold software isntance. Give your sales team the power to quickly create estimates and communicate with your staff and customers productively using our service business app.

Mobile estimating & proposal software

Generate, manage, and edit detailed, even complicated, proposals that include drawings, photos, diagrams, multiple service options, equipment needs, and more in just a couple of clicks.  Imagine what it’s like to deliver a proposal to a customer by email WHILE you’re on site? Yeah.  We got that.

Mobile scheduling & Appointment software

With Arborgold Mobile estimator you’re accessing complete customer history from anywhere including previous bids, work orders, pricing and more. Messages from the office are INSTANTLY available to you for follow up. You can even view and edit your task lists to stay on top of priority items while you’re away from desk.

View Appointment Routes with In App Mapping

With Arborgold Estimator, all your scheduled appointments are neatly routed withing your Arborgold calendar. Reduce your overhead travel costs annually. Sales teams have a clear, efficient, direction for each prospective client site, every day.