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Manage Scheduled & Unscheduled Jobs

Don’t be fooled by competitors! Not every CRM, Invoicing, or Estimating system comes with a project management and/or a job scheduling software tool.  Arborgold is not a cookie-cutter job scheduling software. We understand that a weekly mow is completely different than a landscape design or tree care job.

People sometimes confuse jobs with services for a job.  They’re different.  A job could be to do a backyard landscape.  That job may be broken down into multiple tasks or services that will be scheduled at different times, even with different teams.  Arborgold allows you to schedule and manage ALL your services (tasks) related to a single job independently.

Here's an example
You sell a fertilizing job with a spring and fall visit. One of these visits may not be scheduled for months. With Arborgold, you can keep a single job with two services that can be managed and billed independently. The unscheduled service will remain in the list queue to be scheduled at a later date.
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Job Scheduling Software

Another Example

A tree service job may include a tree removal. The initial cut happens on one day with one truck and crew, and the stump removal happens on a different day (and different crew).

Most job scheduling software programs require you to scheduled all the services on that one job, on the same day, for the same crew.  There might be one job that has one service.  And another job with 10 services.  Not everything will be scheduled all at once.  Yuck!

With Arborgold, you can filter and search by service type and then schedule them to different crews on different dates as needed.  (Or you can schedule all services for a job together.  We’re super flexible.)

tree care company

Less stops, less travel time… less gas… means bigger profit margins.

Schedule Efficiently With Visual Maps

When you’re trying to schedule a group of services, do you find yourself looking at a map, trying to coordinate multiple jobs into a single area?

What a PAIN in the neck! Arborgold’s job scheduling software offers a mapping tool that allows users to view unscheduled jobs on a map. Simply select which pins you’d like to schedule and in one click, you’ve grouped similar location jobs for the same date.

Find Closest Scheduled Jobs

Gas ain’t cheap! Every mile on the road costs you and your teams time, money, and profits. When you’re looking to schedule a job on the “unscheduled list”, Arborgold’s intuitive mapping feature will show you other scheduled jobs in the area during that time frame. Arborgold job scheduling software makes it easy to book that service when you’re already in the area

More reasons to choose Arborgold

Drag and drop a whole day’s schedule with only a couple of clicks (i.e. for that unprofitable rainy day)

You and your crews will thank you for keeping them out of heavy traffic!

Your customers will LOVE that you’re ALWAYS on time for their timed follow up services.

Scheduled and routed jobs are instantly available to Mobile Crew app!

Recurring Service Scheduling

Set it and forget it. For clients who have regular repeat services, Arborgold’s job scheduling software offers users the ability to set any service to reoccur daily, weekly, monthly or on a fixed schedule. Recurring services is easily managed from the calendar including complicated actions such as rescheduling single or multiple occurrences/events.

Successor Service Scheduling

There’s nothing sweeter than intuitive job scheduling software that automatically schedules a mandatory follow up service! With tens to thousands of these jobs, remembering to schedule these on time, every time, can be a challenge. Not any more. Arborgold’s Successor Service Scheduling feature allows you to create multi-service work orders that automatically follow each other when each service is completed.