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Learn how field service companies are keeping a close eye on overhead and direct costs with Arborgold’s GPS crew location and time tracking software.


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Time Tracking Software For Lawn, Tree, and Landscape Companies

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Time Tracking At The Office

When you can’t be everywhere at once. Arborgold’s GPS time tracking features allow office teams to monitor employees while jobs are in progress. In addition to location, time tracking with Arborgold means:

  • Your sales teams can evaluate pricing models based on historical job costing data.
  • Finance teams can speed up payroll with quick exports to QuickBooks
  • Managers can review estimated vs actual hours, hours in question, and/or reroute jobs that were not completed.
  • Leadership teams can analyze productivity and profit reports by service type, crew, client, project, or job.

Time Tracking Mobile App

Beginning with your bid, Arborgold is calculating the potential profitability of each job as you schedule it. Form there, using Arborgold’s Mobile Crew app users are:

  • Capturing accurate payroll hours with clock ins and clock outs on each job.
  • Time tracking lunch, travel, shop, and meeting time.
  • Reporting job progress including weather conditions, chemicals, or other notes.
  • Reviewing job files, capture progress photos, and scan receipts

Time tracking software that
simplifies your business


Time Track

Track employee hours with Arborgold’s digital time clocking features.


GPS Location

Capture accurate real-time crew location with job start and stop times.



Export accurate payroll hours to QuickBooks in just a couple of clicks.


Filters and Search

Real-time monitor estimated vs actual hours by crew, service, or project.



Review and analyze detailed profitability and productivity reports.


Activity Tracking

Capture direct and indirect activity time in support of accurate job costing.

Time Tracking Application

Why Time Tracking Software

If your organization is still working off paper timesheets or physical time clocks at the office, you may be paying for hours that aren’t billable to your clients. With Arborgold’s digital time tracking app, crews and crew leaders accurately reporting hours from the moment they get on the road. Stop the slow-moving paper trail, access detailed productivity reports while jobs are in progress, and improve your bottom line.

Designed for field service companies including lawn, tree, and landscape, today, thousands of Arborgold users access the product’s time tracking features to capture multi-day progress, crew location, individual activities and by group, total hours vs. payroll hours, and more.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Arborgold

Time Tracking GPS software

It's a game-changer.

Since we've started using Arborgold our business has increased by 30 to 40 percent. We haven't seen anything comparable. Once we moved to Arborgold the salesmen had their tablets, the crews had their smartphones, and the office had the Cloud system. One change and the system data is available everywhere. Their tech support is outstanding, their customer service is excellent. It's a game-changer.