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As most people know, Arborgold is a field-based business software company. But we have our eyes and ears on everything related to lawn care and landscaping industries. In fact, we’re always watching for changes that can impact a company’s the bottom line. So when we start discussing the best commercial battery powered trimmers in the market, we’re looking for battery life, weight, durability, and quality. 

You may not know this, but recently, on behalf of the State of California, Governor Gavin Newsom introduced big changes to the lawn care and landscape industry. As of 2024, S.O.R.E. (small off-road engines) emissions will be prohibited in California. And while many California residents understand the effects this will have on ATVs off-road toys, this change may cause huge problems for landscape and lawn care businesses who depend on gas-powered mowers, trimmers, and other gas vehicles.

As of 2024, they will be forced to make the big switch to battery-powered lawn care and landscaping equipment.

SORE emission laws are designed to protect the environment. Traditional small engine vehicles and equipment like tillers, chainsaws, and mowers cause a lot of carbon pollution. In some cases, these smaller machines create more pollution than driving a road vehicle.

battery electric landscape environmental rules

Transitioning to low carbon small engine tools

So let’s take a peek into the future (and today) and explore some of the best commercial battery-powered trimmers on the market and the reasons why they made it to our list.

Things to Look for in the Best Commercial Battery Powered Trimmers

Making a big change like gas to battery means contemplating all the factors involved. Trimmers remove grass and weed in hard-to-reach portions of the yard. They’re an important tool for any landscaper or lawn care business.

Some of the main features to look at while you shop for updated trimmers include:

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps keep trimmers upright and easily accessible to your employees. Battery-powered machines still have these, but more modern trimmers are also opting for upgraded features.

Greenworks Commercial’s 82V Gen II String Trimmer, for example, includes a bike handle. Yes, a bike handle! The handle connects to the trimmer, making it easier and safer for employees to maneuver the equipment.

You can also buy shoulder straps separately from companies like EGO Power Plus, designed to work on all types of string trimmers.

Motor Power

Motor power is another big feature for commercial trimmers. Is the battery going to impede motor function and slow down production? This is what many businesses worry about when making the switch. Fortunately, this is entirely dependent on the type of equipment you buy.

Referencing the 82V Gen II String Trimmer from Greenworks Commercial again, you can see that motor power is actually enhanced by the battery. The company says their electric trimer has 43% more power than 36cc gas trimmers.

RYOBI, another lawn care equipment brand taking on the battery-powered trend, also offers powerful electric options. The company says their 40V Attachment Capable 15” String Trimmer Kit, for example, “Delivers power like a gas trimmer, with none of the hassles of mixing oil and gas.”

Power Regulation

Revolutions per minute matter on a commercial trimmer. Battery-powered models often come with the ability to regulate speed depending on the task at hand. The RYOBI trimmer mentioned above, for example, includes a speed trigger. This puts you in charge of RPM while you work.

Battery Life

Battery life is tough on trimmers which carry much smaller batteries than large equipment. While standard residential trimmers only give homeowners about 15-minutes of continual runtime, you can expect about an hour from high-grade commercial batteries.

Check with your dealer to determine the best runtime vs. charge time and whether batteries are easy to swap out on the job site as needed.


Weight is another area where you give and take as a business owner. Yes, batteries make trimmers heavier than gas-powered units, but commercial trimmers are made for continuous work. They’re designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. The Greenworks Commercial 82V 1.5kW Front-Mount String Trimmer, for example, is said to be their, “Lightest weight string trimmer without sacrificing power.”

So, are you carrying more weight? Yes, but not so much that it will be unbearable for your team. Weight guides are listed by each brand for their individual models, letting you choose based on all the above variables, including weight.

Are Battery-Powered Units “Attachment Capable”?

Yes, but not all battery-powered trimmers work with all attachments. Greenworks Commercial, as an example, has a variety of attachments for their equipment. The only attachment listed for their string trimmers is the Horizontal Blower Attachment.

This is another area where brand and model matter. Check with your dealer to see which attachments (if any) are available for the trimmer you’re considering.

best battery powered lawn care trimmers

Electric vs Gas Powered Hedge Trimming Tools

Best Commercial Battery Powered Trimmers You Can Buy

Shopping around is the best way to find the trimmer best suited to your company. Most landscaping businesses have more than one trimmer model. The client base you serve will dictate which machines are best suited to your company’s needs.

Despite individual preferences and client yard designs, these are some of the best commercial battery-powered trimmers on the market today.

1. Greenworks Commercial 82V Gen II String Trimmer

We mentioned this little guy above in our shoulder straps explanation, but we couldn’t resist a real recommendation here. This is one of the best commercial battery-powered trimmers offered by Greenworks Commercial.

It has an 118” cut path and commercial grade brushless motor with an easy feed head. It includes a 26’ spool with a dual bump feed for speeds up to 5700 RPM. It’s also powerful. The moto creates 1.8kW of energy, that’s 43% more power than a standard gas trimmer of 36cc.

2. RYOBI 40V Attachment Capable 15” String Trimmer Kit

RYOBI is a great choice for electric trimmers because their products are so versatile. The company designs all their 40V tools to run with the same battery. This makes swapping batteries between equipment a breeze.

The 40V 15” trimmer is powerful and cordless. It includes a 0.08” dimpled line with a “reel easy” bump feed string. A major boon to the product is the adjustable cutting width. Change the width based on the section of grass you’re working on. This tool is a good option for yards of 1 acre or so.

3. Greenworks Commercial 82V Gen II 1.5kW Front-Mount String Trimmer with 4AH Battery and Dual Port Charger

Another great find from Greenworks Commercial is their front-mount string trimmer with dual port charger. It creates 1.5kW of power and includes an easy feed head and 0.095” dual bump feed. This unit changes speed on a trigger, with RPM ranging up to 5700.

This commercial-grade trimmer has a 16” cutting path and generates 40% more power than a 31cc gas-powered trimmer.

4. Husqvarna 52iLX

This lightweight model is designed for landscapers and contractors. Made for balance and ergonomics, it includes a two-way rotating head and brushless motor. The unit runs on a 40V battery and offers an intuitive keypad for easy use.

Husqvarna also includes a normal and safe mode in the 62iLX, letting you extend run time-based on job difficulty and conditions.

5. Makita 36V ConnectX

Makita has outdone themselves with their 36V ConnectX. The trimmer offers equivalent power to a 30cc gas-powered trimmer without carbon emissions. This is a unique battery-powered model because it uses a backpack to hold the battery, so your workers don’t have to carry it on the unit. This substantially changes the weight and balance of the trimmer, making it easier to maneuver.

The one downside of the Makita trimmer is that the battery backpack is sold separately.

When is the best time to invest in a commercial battery powered trimmer

With so many great options on the market today for trimmers and commercial mowers, there’s never been a better time to transition your traditional gas-powered trimmer to electric. In fact, some companies are retrofitting their work trucks with solar panels that while parked, can recharge portable batteries to ensure their equipment can perform all day long.

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