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Social Media Opportunities for a Landscaping Company

Social media has become the Tasmanian devil of promotional tools. While not everything that gets posted goes viral, it opens the doors to opportunities that would be otherwise missed through traditional marketing channels. In 2019 there have been a reported 3.48 billion users on social media. Of these users, 50 million are small business pages.…

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11 Steps for Bidding a Landscaping Job

landscaping job how to bid

If you haven’t bid a professional landscape job before or if you’re still new in bidding landscaping projects, it can be a little daunting to know where to start. Below, we list 11 steps in bidding a landscaping job, making sure your bid is profitable, and landing the job. How to Bid a Landscaping Job…

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What to Include in a Landscape Proposal

landscape proposal

While landscape proposals used to be a simple one-page line-item invoice with a spot to sign approval at the bottom, proposals have since become more professional presentations. Instead of simply being a rundown of services and pricing, landscape proposals now are an opportunity for companies to express their differentiating qualities and show why they’re the…

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Take your landscaping business to the cloud

The phrase “cloud software” is one that is likely top of mind for many companies, no matter the industry or size. Gone are the days where software meant putting a CD ROM into your computer and installing a program onto everyone’s device. Now, software is hosted online and applications connect people. Cloud software means that…

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What Landscape Estimating Tools Can Do For Your Business

Benefits to Green Industry Businesses that use Estimating Software

Technology can help businesses run more efficiently and also optimize the work they do, ultimately earning the business more revenue with less operating costs – and green industry businesses are no exception! Especially if you run a green industry business, technology can help your business grow. Landscape estimating software is just one of the great…

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Best Business Apps for Landscaping

Arborgold - the best landscaping app

When you’re running a landscape company, much of your business is done off-site. This can sometimes make it difficult to communicate the information back to the central home office for tracking and invoicing purposes. The best mobile landscaping apps can help link mobile crews and the home office so your team can stay up-to-date on…

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How Much Should I Charge for Mowing?

Lawn Mowing Invoice

One of the most common questions landscaping businesses wonder is how to set up a landscape business that is profitable and competitive. Many times, this starts with the question: how much should I charge for mowing? In landscaping, one of the most popular and common main sources of daily income is going to come from…

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