How To Get Landscaping Leads: A 5-Step Guide

Tips for Efficient Employee Scheduling

In field-based businesses like landscaping, getting leads means getting paid. A local marketing strategy is the best way to generate leads and get results. But how do you increase local traffic and encourage friends and neighbors to choose you over local competitors? At Arborgold, we develop software for companies like yours with the aim of…

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Can Direct Mail Help Your Landscape Business?

landscape proposal

With the world going digital, it’s easy for businesses to overlook traditional marketing methods. Direct mail may be slower to reach customers than email, but it has many benefits. Encourage new and return traffic to your website by showing customers you care with direct mailers.   Arborgold works with some of the best landscaping companies across…

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Landscaping Business Insurance Types, Costs, and Value

landscape management software

Running a business is not without risk, which is why landscaping business insurance is an essential part of your company plan. Your business insurance policy protects you from financial risk associated with physical and liability issues, keeping your money where it belongs – with your company. As a leading landscaping software developer, Arborgold works with…

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What Are the Benefits of Project Management?

Benefits of Project Management Software

Project management for landscaping companies is very different from more traditional office-type business models. From field crews to bidding wars, landscaping and lawn care businesses take on a myriad of additional responsibilities in your day to day work. This is where having project management software comes in handy. At Arborgold, our focus is supporting landscaping,…

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Why is Estimating Important to Landscape Construction?

Lawn Care

Landscaping companies are a unique breed in their need to accumulate clients in the field. Some come by way of word of mouth and advertising, others come through bids. In either case, accurate estimates are essential to a successful landscaping business. Estimates tell your customers what you are worth. At Arborgold, we design software specifically…

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What Features Are Included in Today’s Best Landscape Invoicing Software?

Landscape Invoicing Software Features

The landscaping industry rakes in more than $100-billion-dollars across the United States and is a continuously growing business structure. Therefore, the software being used by landscaping professionals is constantly evolving to fit the latest needs of the industry. Arborgold prides itself on offering our clients some of the best landscape invoicing software available. Working closely…

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Is your Landscape Company Ready for a CRM?

CRM for landscape company

A CRM, or customer relationship management tool, is a type of software that allows you to manage everything from contacts and scheduling to communication and marketing. In landscaping, it is important to select a CRM that reflects the needs and values of your company, providing all the tools and resources you need to effectively manage…

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5 Best Ways to Track Landscaping Tools & Equipment

Track & Manage Landscaping Equipment

As a landscaping company, tracking landscaping tools and equipment inventory is important. It helps you keep your physical assets accounted for. For most landscaping companies, the largest expense you will incur, outside of your staff, is the equipment you use, especially large equipment. These investments should be monitored to ensure they are being used properly,…

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