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Building a brand in landscaping is a competitive gig. It’s important to make an impact on local search, and the best way to do this is by creating a website consumers can navigate easily and understand.

Visual imagery has become a must-have feature in web design. At Arborgold, we offer many ways for our clients to engage with customers and create a stronger face and name for their business. One of the ways you can improve your creative goals is by investing in professional video and images.

Photos Make You Human

If there’s one thing modern consumers want, it’s to see the human side of the bands they love. Whether you’re in landscaping, lawn care, or pest control, proving to your clients that you’re not just a brand, but a friend and neighbor is key.

Using real photos of your business and the people you work with helps encourage these feelings of humanity within your website, e-mails, and social media interactions.

Photos Help Enhance SEO

Your customers aren’t the only individuals looking for a little visual enhancement online – Google and other search engines are constantly watching photos and videos when ranking the SERP.

By choosing photos your customers will like, share, and comment on, you are increasing the chances that search engines will rank your brand above others in your area. Local SEO is a huge deal, and Arborgold wants to ensure your company is at the top of its game. We offer all the tools and advice you need to manage your brand from top to bottom.

Videos Retain Traffic

Online traffic is the movement of individuals from one site to another. When a consumer enters your website, there are many things they see. However, if they move on within seconds of arrival, their visit counts for less than those customers who stay and browse your site.

Video has been proven to improve customer retention in website traffic. If somebody presses play on a video and likes what they see, they’re likely to stick around for the ending. This means longer site visits, and which in turn strengthens your rank against other websites.

Landscaping Photo Ideas 

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Not sure what kind of photos to take? No problem. At Arborgold, we’ve been working with field-based businesses for so long, we have a clear understanding of what North American customers are looking for. Here are some ideas for your professional videos and photos.

  • Post Photos of Your Team in Action – Nothing says, “you can trust us” like real photographs of your team doing what they do best. These are exactly the kind of photos customers want to see. Not only can they get an idea of what you and your crew look like, but they catch a glimpse of their potential future landscaping projects in action.
  • Before and After – There is nothing more satisfying than a before and after photo. Especially in lawn care and landscaping. Many properties take on a completely new look after professional landscaping, which means your before and after photos could be quite dramatic. Many North Americans even go out of their way to search landscape before and after for ideas, preparation for mishaps, and more.
  • In the Office – It isn’t just in the field that customers want to see your team, consumers love knowing who they’re talking to when they call the office. Having a “Meet the Team” page, complete with photographs and mini-biographies is a great way to break the ice prior to meeting your new clients.
  • In the Nursery – Bringing your team into the focus is important to building brand loyalty, but there is something to be said for product photography. In landscaping, the product is your nursery inventory. Customers want to see healthy, happy, glowing plants in bloom, and that’s exactly what you’ll offer. You may also choose to take and share photos of your nursery at various stages of growth, so clients know what they are getting when plants begin to grow.

These are just a few of the ideas you can use when crafting your website imagery. There are plenty of options for landscapers to encourage client engagement through visuals.

Do I Need a Professional?

You can always snap photos yourself to share on social media and in monthly newsletters, but you may want to consider a professional for website photography. Professional photographers understand light, movement, and editing processes. In short, when you work with a professional photographer, you’re more likely to get the shots you want and care about.

While professional photography is a bit of an investment, financially, it is well worth the expenditure if it means new customers, more web traffic, and a stronger digital presence.

No customer wants to visit a website that looks like it may be run by amateurs. No matter how long you’ve been in business, as a landscaping company you should strive to provide an air of authority in your field – professional photographs do just this.

Tips for Successful Photography 

Getting professional landscaping photos done? Here are some tips to help put you on top:

  1. Go wide – Include landscaping and beautiful greenery in your backgrounds, even when shooting photos of your team. This encourages the customer to think about you when they think about their garden and yard.
  2. Overcast is best – It sounds counterintuitive, but cloudy days are the best days for photography. Sunshine either blinds your photographer or your team as they pose for photos. An overcast, but not rainy day, is just right for bright clear photos.
  3. Send a message – You’re taking professional photos for a reason – make that reason known. Show your customers what you can do and why you’re the best of the best by including shots of your previous work.

Try Arborgold Today

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Are you a landscaping company owner looking into professional photography? Arborgold is always happy to support local landscapers. We work tirelessly to create software that truly helps our clients. Our goal is to do more than manage schedules and send e-mails, we strive to provide all the tools and information you need to be successful in and out of the field.

With GPS tracking, inventory control, automated services, a top-notch CRM, and more, you can’t go wrong with Arborgold. In fact, we invite you to take the tour today and see for yourself the difference Arborgold can bring to your landscaping team.

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