Owning a Lawn Care Business. Your Guide to Success

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Are you passionate about the outdoors and interested in being your own boss? Then a lawn care business might be the perfect fit for you! This industry offers a unique blend of opportunity and freedom, with plenty of room for growth and customization.

Why Choose Lawn Care?

High Demand, Steady Work:

Lawns are everywhere, and property owners need regular maintenance. This leads to a consistent stream of potential clients, year after year.

Across the U.S., lawn care/lawn maintenance businesses are continuing to grow each year. If you love looking at lush lawns with trimmed bushes and freshly cut grass, you are on the right path for a career in lawn care. Also, if you consider yourself a born entrepreneur who enjoys working outside, a lawn care business would check all the boxes for a dream job.


Low Start-Up Costs:

You can launch your business with minimal investment. Start with a reliable mower, basic tools, and a truck, and expand as you gain clients.

Many large lawn care businesses started out simply as lawn mowing services because the initial costs are relatively low. At a minimum, you would need a reliable, high-quality mower and some related tools (clippers, rakes, etc.), along with a vehicle to transport the equipment to a client’s home or place of business. Research the requirements to get a tax EID (employer identification) number and a business license to operate in your county or state, which increases the professionalism of your entrepreneurial efforts. Business cards are easy to design and order online. Best of all, you may not need to hire any staff, at least at the beginning. You can always expand your staff and your services in the future depending on the needs of your growing customer base.

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Own your own lawn care business


 Be Your Own Boss:

  1. Enjoy the flexibility and control of setting your own schedule, choosing your clientele, and pricing your services.
  2. The freedom of this business doesn’t end at the clientele; you can also choose where you work. Managing a lawn care company isn’t like being a fisherman who is tied to an oceanside homestead. You could mow lawns in California or plant trees in Ohio. You get to choose where you live and where you work.Be your own boss: Love working outdoors

Work Outdoors:

Spend your days in the fresh air, beautifying properties and creating a sense of pride in your community.


Start building your business

Building Your Business

  1. Define Your Services: Decide if you’ll focus on residential lawns, target larger commercial properties, or offer a variety of services like mowing, edging, and fertilization.
  2. Price Competitively: Research local rates and factor in your overhead costs to set fair prices that attract clients and ensure profitability.

Owning your own business means no minimum wage. You can select a fee based on what you’re worth. Considering your current costs for supplies, employees, and business management software, you can create a price point that works for you. You also get to design your own promotions, coupons, and discounts.


Lawn care professionals improving customer satisfaction

Market Yourself:

Network with local businesses, leverage social media, and offer free estimates to build a strong customer base.

Invest in Efficiency:

Consider lawn care software like Arborgold to streamline scheduling, invoicing, and route optimization, saving you time and money.

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Unlocking Your Full Potential and the Road to Success

Expand Your Skills:

As your business grows, consider additional training in landscaping, tree care, or other related fields to offer more services and attract premium clients.

A lawn care business requires the basic skills to manage the equipment, lift heavy items, and work long hours. However, as your business grows, you might need some special training in such areas as landscaping or tree care. Many tutorials are available online via YouTube at no cost, so take advantage of free videos and webinars to increase your skill set and add value to the business. Although additional training and certifications are generally optional, they can help to promote and gain the trust of potential clients.


Grow within the lawn care industry and own successful lawn care business

Build Trust and Credibility:

Obtain relevant certifications and liability insurance to demonstrate your professionalism and give clients peace of mind.

Get Insurance:

It’s important to protect yourself and your business with insurance. Talk with your homeowner’s insurance rep to ask about adding your business to the policy, or search online for a local insurance provider that can assist with drawing up a basic policy.

Offer Free Estimates:

When talking with a potential customer, offer to provide a free estimate of the lawn care services that they need. Ask about the size of the lawn and get details about the ornamentation/flowerbeds/trees that you must work around. Then factor in the cost of your time and equipment to get the job done. It may take a few times to sharpen your estimating abilities, but you’ll be a pro in no time.

Embrace Technology:

Utilize online tools like Google Business Profile to manage your online presence and connect with potential customers searching for lawn care services in their area.

Sign Up for Google Business Profile:

  1. Google My Business is a great way to seize control of your company’s first impression and, best of all, you can manage the profile easily after it has been created. A properly optimized business profile should be at the top of your must-do list of priorities.


Step by step guide to google my business

Partnering for Success

Arborgold is here to support your lawn care business journey. Our software solutions are designed to help you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

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Ready to take the first step?

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