Landscape Estimating Software Features That Set You Apart From The Competition

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In any business, standing apart is one of the keys to success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a landscaper, a tree care company, or anything else for that matter… If you stay front and center in your customers’ minds, you’ll get more repeat business, more referrals, and more revenue.

But what’s true of businesses generally, is even more true in the landscaping industry.

Landscaping is a competitive industry, with many businesses competing for a handful of customers’ money. This is why the biggest landscaping companies spend so much money on advertising and marketing; they’ll plaster their names on trucks, billboards, and sometimes even TV.

Especially if you’re a smaller landscaping company, standing out is crucial. While it would be nice to think that your great work will ensure enough repeat business, the fact is that you’ll need to continually market your business in order to grow. This is where landscape estimating software can prove crucial: it provides the tools needed to make proposals, bids, and estimates that turn clients’ heads.

In this article, we’ll explore 5 features of landscape estimating software that can set you apart from the competition. We’ll show how you can replace hand-written bills with custom design templates. We’ll reveal how you can create custom landscape designs without any design or illustration skills. We’ll show how to add programs and packages faster and easier than ever. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how you can calculate job costs quickly and easily.

So, let’s just into it with the first of the 5 features we’ll be looking at; custom design templates.

Custom Design Templates

estimating templates for landscape companies

Custom design templates make you stand out by making your marketing collateral more beautiful. A template gives you a basic design (of an email, for example) to start with, but lets you customize it to suit your branding.

So let’s say you want to create email proposals for landscaping services. Using plain text would not stand out, since 90% of the emails use plain text formatting. On the other hand, hiring a designer to build HTML emails can get costly.

Custom design templates from Arborgold give you the flexibility of HTML-based designs but the ease of writing your own emails. You start with a basic template, customize the colors and font, and add your logo. Instantly, you have an email that stands out, with huge marketing benefits to your company.

Replace Hand-Written Bills

Use digital payment processing for your landscape business

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Another great use for custom design templates is in billing. Arborgold landscape estimating software includes templates for bills. Template designs are unique, beautiful, and customizable. Billing can be one of the more challenging parts of doing business; customers may question the bill, delay paying, or even refuse the bill. A custom-designed e-bill will stand out more and may speed up or improve the billing process.

Create Service Packages

Service package ideas for landscape companies

In the landscaping industry, it’s common to have clients request sets of services together. Often, you will offer preferential pricing for customers who order these bulk packages. Arborgold’s built-in landscape estimate software lets you pre-package these orders, so you don’t need to do the calculations every time the client makes an order. Combine service packages with custom design templates, and you’ve got a recipe for a much faster sales process and a much higher close rate.

Calculate Job Costs Faster

Finally, landscape estimate software lets you calculate job costs faster with pre-packaged pricing templates. We already covered the fact that you can create service packages quickly using Arborgold’s built-in features. But Arborgold also includes the ability to pre-program prices for inputs like equipment and inventory as well.

For example, if fertilizer is a common cost in many of your jobs, you can instantly do the calculation for how much the fertilizer for a particular project will cost you. This lets you create proposals faster, which not only speeds up the proposal process but also reduces the chances of cost overruns on a project.

Arborgold: Landscape Estimating Software That Just Works

arborgold software for landscape and lawn care comanies

Estimating software done right

If you want to run your landscaping business better, Arborgold is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Not only does Arborgold have the tools to estimate job costs faster, you also get a full suite of features for running your business:

  • Gorgeous proposal templates.
  • Point and click landscape design.
  • Effortless tools for job routing and scheduling that save you time.
  • And much, much more.

Arborgold is so much more than a CRM.

It’s a full-service SaaS suite for landscaping companies that’s made just for you. With Arborgold, you can automate nearly every backend process at your company, saving you time and money.

Learn more by taking an online tour or get started now by talking to sales.

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