How to Add Pool and Outdoor Landscaping to Your Business

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Are you a seasonal company looking to add pools and outdoor landscaping to your business model? Making any change to a new business is daunting and having the right tools in place makes a big difference.

Arborgold designs software for field-based businesses like landscapers, snow removal companies, pest control businesses, and more. We work closely within these industries to determine the best tools and information for our clients to be successful in all they do.

We see a lot of field-based businesses manage a variety of services both seasonally, and year-round. Many landscapers opt to take on pool installation, repair, and cleaning services during the summer season. Are you considering making such a change? Here are some things to consider.

Pool Design

Pool design

Before you take on pool installation as a service, think about the pool design process. Pools require exact measurements and careful construction to retain water and create safe swimming spaces for your clients. Many Americans are looking for pools that also act as water features. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Jets
  • Infinity edges

An experienced contractor is needed to oversee proper pool installation. This job is tricky but worthwhile as it will ensure the pool meets local regulations and physical construction requirements.

Pool Building

Building pools means having the right tools on hand. Luckily for landscapers, much of the equipment you need is already on hand. An excavator and other large machinery will be required to dig an in-ground pool. Once you have the hole prepared, you need a variety of tools and materials to complete the project, including:

  • Pool pump and filter
  • Vinyl for lining
  • Polymer wall paneling
  • Skimmer setup

Customers may choose from a selection of pool types and cleaning processes, such as chlorine or salt. The way your client prefers to maintain pool water will alter the build of the pool.

Maintaining Client Pools

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You don’t need to build pools to include them in your service list. Lots of landscaping firms take on pool maintenance to pick up new clients and bulk up on extra services in the summer season.

The thing about landscaping is that much of the work is seasonal. Some clients may prefer more landscaping services in the fall when leaves are falling, and the yard gets messy more quickly than usual. Others may prefer landscaping in the spring when flowers are blooming, and gardens look their best. Winter weather brings on opportunities for snow removal and de-icing services. Why shouldn’t the summer season see new business opportunities in the form of maintaining pools?

Pool maintenance is a simple task and one which requires consistency. This means regular services for your pool clients.

Getting Clients to Pick up Your New Services

Not sure how to get customers interested in your pool and outdoor landscaping services? No problem. A great way for lawn care companies to invite customers to use a new service is through promotional emails, social media posts, and blog updates. This is simple with your unique field-business software. With any mobile device, laptop, or computer, you can easily schedule automated updates to your contacts, inviting them to try your new service.

Arborgold business software will also help you track customer interest and engagement, so that follow-up correspondence can be sent to those who show interest.

Getting Started in Outdoor Landscaping

Outdoor landscaping can be a rewarding job, but a tough gig to get into without a standing client base. The first step to becoming a local landscaper is to make a name for yourself. While word of mouth still encourages new customers in the landscaping industry, social media and email have made it easier than ever before to access customers, advertise a new service, and monitor changing analytics which tells you how well you’re doing and what needs work.

Build a list of leads with potential by offering an incentive. Promotional mailers, email coupons, and social media contests are just a few of the ways local landscaping companies are making themselves noticed.

Building your brand online is only the beginning. Your business software can help you keep the content rolling as you work on creating a successful portfolio of high-quality landscaping photographs and designs. To be the best, you need to show potential clients that their property could be the best if they choose you as their landscaper.

Stay on Top of Things

Whichever way you choose to initiate your new services in pools and outdoor landscaping, staying on top of things is the key to success. Field-based businesses require employees to travel out into the community to get tasks done. This means monitoring employees, equipment, inventory, job progress, safety progress, and so much more. Arborgold field-business software gives you all the tools you need to monitor your team, track their route with GPS and mapping tools, chat in real-time, and even monitor inventory.

Our specialized field business software also lets you manage your invoicing and customer updates with ease from anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or in the field with your team, you can maintain customer records, employee schedules, and landscaping nursery records from wherever you are.

Take the Tour

Arborgold Field Service Software

At Arborgold, we strive to meet the needs of field-based businesses head-on. We know how unique your business model is and our software is designed to reflect every facet of those qualities. From invoicing your customers to delivering grade-A e-mail newsletters, we want our clients to find success in everything you do.

Arborgold works across a range of business types, providing all the templates and foundational tools to build your business software up the way you want it. Customize your CRM and make your transition into pools and outdoor landscaping as smooth as possible. Looking to expand your business and wondering how you’ll stay organized amidst the chaos of a business change? Arborgold can help. We invite you to take a tour today and see what our software can do to improve your field-based business.

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