Must-Have Equipment for Lawn Care Maintenance Business

Commercial Lawn Mowing

The landscaping industry looks pretty promising after key players worked tirelessly to see landscaping services classified as “essential” in 2020. The optimism seen in 2021 is not dead. And many companies are no longer investing in the best lawn care software but also focusing on top lawn maintenance equipment performers for 2022. Of course, lawn…

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Top Performing Email Marketing Campaigns for Lawn and Landscape Companies

Lawn Care Company Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big part of the lawn care and landscaping industry. It connects you with customers, enhances retention efforts, jump-starts sales tactics, and keeps people informed. As you develop lawn care email marketing campaigns, there are a few things to take into consideration, including current trends and your target audience. Arborgold develops custom…

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Top Battery Powered Commercial Mowers

best battery powered commercial lawn mowers

Last year, California Governor Gavin Newsom banned SORE (small off-road engines) emissions. The ban outlaws the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other lawn care equipment. The reason behind the change is to protect the environment. Small engines produce a large quantity of carbon pollution. In fact, using a gas-powered leaf blower for…

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Best Commercial Battery Powered Trimmer

best commercial landscape trimmers

As most people know, Arborgold is a field-based business software company. But we have our eyes and ears on everything related to lawn care and landscaping industries. In fact, we’re always watching for changes that can impact a company’s the bottom line. So when we start discussing the best commercial battery powered trimmers in the…

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Zero-Cost Processing for your Field Services Business

no cost digital payment solutions

Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Credit Card Surcharging There are multiple ways field services businesses can offset the costs of offering credit card payment options. Surcharging is one of the most common ways that is done. We call it zero-cost processing – process credit cards for your customers at no additional…

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Best technology apps designed to help Arborists run their business

social media apps for arborists and tree care companies

A quick online search reveals that there are over seven million apps in existence with more being created each day. As the owner of a tree care company, you might be wondering how to identify the best apps to download for running your business. Good news: Arborgold has done the research for you! Below are…

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5 Ways Lawn, Landscape and Tree Care Companies Can Reduce Expenses

5 ways to reduce expenses in your lawn tree or landscape company

The challenge is real. With inflation and the cost of doing business on the rise, companies of all types, including those in the lawn, landscape and tree care category, are looking for solutions to lower operating expenses while still providing high-quality services to keep customers happy. Even if you are considering a modest price increase…

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Arborgold Software announces integration Angi Homeservices Inc.


In business, no matter the economy, every new lead counts. That’s why landscape, lawn care, and tree care companies are always looking for cost-effective ways to attract new clients, show off project photos, and highlight their company reputation. Arborgold Software® announced today its latest integration release with industry leading directory service provider Angi Homeservices, Inc.…

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Job costing strategies for landscaping companies

Lawn Care Job Costing

Job costing is an important step in the accounting process for any landscaping job. For field-based businesses job costing strategies are used to: Compare estimates Determine potential profits Reduce time waste and inefficiencies Arborgold designs software for field-based businesses. We work within several industries, including landscaping and construction to streamline production, invoicing, and even customer…

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Beyond Pruning: A Tree Care Business Guide to Full Service

If you’re a tree trimming business, most likely you do much more than pruning and planting. There are full-time employees to manage, supplies and lawn maintenance equipment to maintain, and nurseries to oversee. Many tree care businesses have already expanded into other markets within their industry, including landscaping and plant health care. Arborgold field-based business…

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