Top Performing Email Marketing Campaigns for Lawn and Landscape Companies

Lawn Care Company Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big part of the lawn care and landscaping industry. It connects you with customers, enhances retention efforts, jump-starts sales tactics, and keeps people informed.

As you develop lawn care email marketing campaigns, there are a few things to take into consideration, including current trends and your target audience.

Arborgold develops custom business software for field-based businesses like lawn care. We understand the unique elements that go into developing your email strategies. Here, we’ll talk about some of those strategies and how you can streamline your approach to maximize ROI.

Indoctrination Campaign

Indoctrination campaigns are essential to the success of any field-based business. They introduce your customers to the brand and impart important information about products and services.

There are many ways to coordinate your indoctrination campaign, including:


Sharing a mission statement with potential customers tells them what you’re all about. It builds brand relevance and could trigger word-of-mouth sharing. Your mission is integral to your cause. It sets you apart from competitors.


Like your mission, your vision shows potential customers what your goals are, where you see your company going, and how you want to serve the community. It’s a nice way to humanize your brand and connect with locals.


Just because you’re a landscaping company doesn’t mean your services are obvious. Sharing services through an email campaign helps attract new and continuing customers to try new services.

Some landscaping companies provide seasonal services during the cold months when landscaping isn’t a priority. Some of the common services offered by landscapers include:

Lawn care

  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Large projects
  • Outdoor living area construction
  • Decks and fences
  • Pool maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • De-icing

Reviews and Ratings


As you welcome new customers, showing them what others are saying about your services is a great selling point. Modern consumers research before they buy. Having those details right in front of them saves them the time and energy of looking for ratings and reviews.

Testimonials are real people with real opinions on your company. It’s nice to take a brand and turn it into a living, breathing business by adding real people to the mix.

Sales Follow-up Campaign (Salesforce Automation)

Following a sale, it’s customary to reach out to customers and see how they’re doing. Using your CRM, you can streamline this process with salesforce automation. Some ways to use salesforce automation to reinforce sales include:

  • Post-estimate thanks – After giving an estimate, thank the consumer for reach out. This puts your brand back in their mind and might light a fire where they were still on the fence about your services.
  • Site visit thanks – Visiting your website and signing up for a newsletter or mailing list is helpful in so many ways. Automated emails thank customers for the website visit, encouraging a return.
  • Follow-up on proposals – Proposals take your estimate one step further by including all relevant information on your services. Customers who receive a proposal may mull it over. Your follow-up could be the nudge they need to act.

Automation takes the guesswork and time element out of follow-up emails. It allows you to connect without putting in the manpower and hours to contact everyone on your list. Automation also sorts customers by service or level in the sales funnel.

Upselling Campaign for Current Customers

Email Marketing

Upselling is a high-performing lawn care email marketing campaign option. It helps market new products and services to existing customers in other facets of your business. This is especially useful for seasonal work.

Some examples of add-on services include:

  • Spring planter bed maintenance
  • Winter snow removal services
  • Annual tree planting and maintenance

Upselling campaigns are less aggressive than email. These sale options can be added as an afterthought on an invoice, a welcome email, a subscription renewal email, or any other correspondence without sounding too pushy.

Holiday and Seasonal Appreciation Emails

 Holiday emails are a great way to show your customers you care. They humanize your brand by showing consumers that you celebrate the holidays as well. It’s also a great way to pass on upcoming changes, such as:

  • New seasonal services (Christmas light application, Easter flower planting, discounted leave raking before Thanksgiving, etc.).
  • Company achievements (New year, new goals).
  • Holiday hours (Early closures, days off, and suspension of seasonal services)

This is also a nice place to introduce new team members for the holiday season. Many businesses take on new hires during the busy season. For lawn care and landscaping, this could be for snow removal, Christmas tree lots, light decorating services, and more.

Account Management Check-Ins

 Sometimes it’s nice to get an email just because. Account management check-ins let you monitor your customers’ current satisfaction levels and see if there’s anything you could do better. It’s a good idea to send an account management check-in once every three months to stay on top of things.

Referral Campaigns

 Referral campaigns are an excellent way to source new customers without overspending on marketing materials. Using your current mailing list, you can automate a referral email to ask if current customers have friends or family members looking for landscaping services.

You can also use referral campaigns to incentivize recommending your business to friends and family. Loyalty programs or exclusive offers and discounts are great incentives.

Testimonial Campaigns

 Testimonials tell new customers what past customers think of your business. This is an amazing marketing resource because it gives consumers a voice other than your own to trust. It’s also a play on traditional word-of-mouth marketing.

Emailing customers to ask for testimonials shows them you care about their opinion. It also provides them with an opportunity to supply you with helpful feedback.

Try Arborgold Business Software Today

 Arborgold makes software for companies like yours. We work closely within the landscaping and lawn care industry to monitor trends and evolve as needed. Our assortment of digital tools and information databases is designed to keep you ahead of the competition.

Interested in upping your lawn care email marketing campaigns? Automate your branding and marketing.

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