How to Create Proposals With Arborgold’s Dynamic Proposal

Arborgold's Dynamic Proposal feature can be a game changer in the way to present proposals to prospects. This is something your competition be doing (unless they are using Arborgold).

Do you leave a quote for a client on the back of a business card? Or hand write your recommendations on a carbon copy?

Presentation is everything when it comes to winning the bid. With Arborgold’s dynamic proposal feature you can create stunning proposals in minutes.

What makes it a ‘dynamic proposal’?

Most folks know how to email a proposal as a pdf.  It’s pretty standard. So how is Arborgold’s dynamic  proposal different? A dynamic proposal is one that takes the standard pdf and turns it into a dynamic flip page proposal.

When you send a dynamic proposal, the client clicks on the link and opens your proposal in their web browser. If your dynamic proposal includes multiple pages, your clients can click to flip through them to view all the information.

What you can include with Arborgold's Dynamic Proposal?

Arborgold’s dynamic proposal feature gives you the ability to customize the template to match your company’s brand. You can also add multiple pages with information about your company, for example the story of how your business started or the services you provide.

Include hyperlinks to web pages for more information. Or embed a YouTube video of the the type of work you do.

The possibilities are endless.

How to send a dynamic proposal

Sending a dynamic proposal is easy to do in Arborgold. After you enter all the quote information, you’ll email the quote just like you would send a pdf proposal, only you select ‘dynamic proposal’ in the email option.

Next, the email template displays a print preview of what the quote will look like.  When your client opens their email they’ll click on the link ‘view proposal’ to view their proposal.

The dynamic proposal will open on a web browser. If it is multiple pages the client can flip through the proposal to review all your recommendations, and other information you want to include.

Capture your client’s signature

One of the best features of the dynamic proposal is the customers ability to sign and accept the quote.  

Your clients can use the mouse to write out their name or choose a script font and type in their name. After the client checks the ‘accept terms and conditions’ box they can submit the accepted quote.

What happens after the dynamic proposal is accepted?

After the proposal is accepted the screen will refresh, your customer will see their signature on the quote.

In just a few minutes the customer will receive signed copy of the proposal, as will the salesperson that is assigned to the job. The signed copy also is viewable in the customer’s account under the ‘Dynamic Proposal’ tab.

Lastly, inside Arborgold, the office staff can review accepted proposals on the dashboard, and the client’s proposal automatically moved to work order status.

The dynamic proposal is a Arborgold Ultimate feature, to learn more about Arborgold’s dynamic proposal, click here.