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Top 5 Benefits of Arborgold’s Plant Care Software to Manage Properties

If you care for plants and trees, you can benefit from using plant care software to manage your clients properties.   

Plant health care is the holistic approach to tree care.  Keeping track of the health of your customers trees and plants, caring for them, and giving them the proper treatments to resist disease and insects is the core of every plant health care business.

With so many customers and trees to keep track of, Arborgold’s plant care software has all the features you need to give your client’s properties the best in care.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Arborgold’s plant care software to manage properties.

Tree and Plant Database with Visual Mapping

The more detailed information you have on your clients trees and plants, the better the care you can offer when diseases or pest arise.

In Arborgold’s plant care software you can capture all the key stats ofimportant information, such as plant type, location, dbh, height, canopy, and condition. Arborist can also create custom tags for identifiers like “Near Power Lines”.  

Pictures and mapping?


Pictures are important to communicate to clients and crew when they work on a plant.  You can upload an unlimited number pictures of each plant species you inventory on the property.

With Arborgold interactive map you double click to pin the plant’s location. Each pin has a corresponding number to the plant item in the inventory list.  

Quickly Create Proposals

With all the information about the plants and trees on a property, arborists can quickly create quotes for clients.

In Arborgold’s plant care software, you can access your customer’s plant inventory from one screen. You can quickly add treatments to multiple plants and trees.

  1. Filter down the list to a tree type, for example oak trees,
  2. Enter a treatment to apply to all oak trees on property, for example deep root fertilization,
  3. Apply the selected treatment to all the selected trees.

With Arborgold’s plant care software you can manage hundreds of trees and create detailed quotes in minutes.

Accurate Job Costing

One of the key benefits of entering the dbh on your tree inventory items the ability to quickly calculate the cost of the treatments.  In Arborgold’s plant care software you can enter all the products, application rates and cost of the materials.

The materials are assigned to the services you set up, for example the service “deep root feeding” has the material “doggett” assigned to it.

When you select a tree or a group of trees the dbh of all the trees are totaled and multiplied by the application rates you set for “doggett”.


Now you’ve got the cost of treating all the trees you want to propose treatment for, no manual calculations.


Every business depends on marketing to get the word out about their services or products. The same is true for Arborists.  

Knowing your clients plant types, locations and what treatments they’ve had is crucial to marketing the right services to the right customers.

Plant Care Software

Image a pest outbreak, for example beetles. You need to quickly identify all the clients that have trees that could be affected by beetles.

With Arborgold’s inventory interactive dashboard and visual map you can query the database to search for plant inventory based on a variety of criteria; plant type, treatment type, condition, custom tags and more.

Customer Retention

Customers care about their trees and plants, that’s why they’ve contacted you, the professional, to care for them.  Arborists make decisions and recommendations based on the best treatment to cure specific tree diseases and or maintain their health and longevity.

Having a history of the condition of their trees and the treatments provided is critical to customer retention.

Can you image going to your doctor and they have no record of what they treated you for last visit?

Pretty scary, right?

With Arborgold’s plant care software you can query your clients tree and plant health information quickly.

Plant Care Software Benefits

In summary having a plant care software like Arborgold will not only benefit your business but also allow you to provide top notch service to your clients. A service your clients will appreciate and be happy that you provide.

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