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Why Arborgold Is The Best Software For Field Service Management

Proper field service management is essential if you want to not just run your lawn care business smoothly, but also grow and expand. A successful business is one that can run efficiently and seamlessly, with everything managed like a well oil machine.

Arborgold software is a tool that can help you manage every facet of your lawn care business, and it’s the best software for field service management. Here are some of the things Arborgold offers to help you run your lawn care business as smoothly as possible:

1. Easy job scheduling

One of the things that is unique to lawn care is that one job often has multiple services attached to it. For example, you may book a job that has a spring and fall service. With field service scheduling software, you can book both services at once and get a reminder closer to the date so you can send out the right team.

Or, imagine you have one job that requires multiple services – such as tree removal or a big landscaping contract. You can quickly and easily schedule all the people and tools you need to get the jobs done, without having to manage it manually.

You can also see all scheduled jobs on a map, and have your team see the closest jobs to them. This saves on gas money and time. Everything can be done using the field service scheduling software, making it out of sight and out of mind while running smoothly.

2. Streamlined communication

A lot of time can be spent on communicating between the office and the field. With Arborgold field service management software, you can easily communicate between the office and the field with mobile apps. Working for both iPhone and Android phones, and tablets, you can easily have all communication flow through the software.

If there’s a question with the job, or if something needs to be changed or added, your field team can quickly communicate with the office to find a resolution.

3. Better resource management

Resource management is one way you can ensure that your cash flow and resources are being managed efficiently. Field service management allows you to track employees, equipment, and inventory. You can make sure that everything is resourced properly, and avoid losing money to having something double booked or a missed appointment due to lack of inventory.

Employees can also clock in and clock out easily, and you can track how many hours they’ve spent on a job. This allows you to better manage your team and find any gaps in staffing.

4. CRM

A good customer relationship management (CRM) tool is key to managing and growing your customer base. Without a CRM, it’s hard to make new sales and build business. Arborgold has a built in CRM tool that allows you to store customer records, filter and make lists, export contacts, and track leads.

It’s important to be able to not just have a birds eye view on your customer base, but also to be able to quickly access your customer list on the go and make changes quickly. Thanks to field service management software, you can ensure that there are no mistakes and nothing gets missed while managing your customers and jobs. 

5. Integration with other software

A good field service management tool integrates seamlessly with other popular software, such as Quickbooks, Google calendar, SMS, credit card payments, and email marketing features. Arborgold integrates with any essential tool that you need to run your business effortlessly so that you can do everything in one place.

Use a field service management software that knows your business

The best thing about Arborgold software is that we know lawn care business. We understand the needs of our clients, and specialize in creating software that will help you run your business and grow successfully. There is a ton of field service management software out there, but we feel confident that our tools and breadth of features offer a one stop shop for everything you need to run your business stress-free.