Lawn care, landscaping, and tree care software for your service business.

Service business software tailored for lawn care, landscape, tree care, pest control, horticultural, and snow removal business management.

Scheduling software constructed to streamline & automate customer management.

Schedule teams, customer follow-ups, and project quotes. The Arborgold scheduling app lets you focus on the work instead of piles of manual paperwork.

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Map team routes, prioritize work orders, & drag-n-drop scheduling

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Job scheduling software for all service businesses

Flexible scheduling options including one-off scheduling, project scheduling, multi-day scheduling, contract scheduling, recurring schedules, and successor scheduling.

Drag and drop calendar functionality available on all devices.

Scheduling assistant features allow users to:

  • schedule crews by territory
  • find work orders by line item
  • filter services by work type
  • visually manage unscheduled work with our integrated Google Maps feature.


Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Service business management software for scheduling all production workflow activities

Track work order status including scheduled, completed, billed and unbilled services.

Route crews efficiently by territory, service type, equipment needs, and crew specialties.

Add, upsell, and invoice services at the job worksite using the Arborgold mobile scheduling app.

Estimate and track crew time, resources, and materials to support job costing detail and prepare payroll, accounts receivable, and other service company expenses.


Business management and operations for the modern service-based company

Arborgold software places easy client management, quick work order creation, with a overabundance of invoicing options right at your fingertips. Work smarter and grow your business faster with Arborgold.

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Manage Customer Relationships

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Landscaping, lawn care, and other service businesses can now manage your client relationships with ease

Arborgold provides a central location for managing clients – accessible by every device – that houses customer, lead, partner, and vendor information. Our advanced contact auditing feature tracks complete contact history throughout various consumer acquisition phases.

Consolidate job scheduling and appointments with Arborgold’s team calendar. Integrate and sync your team calendar with Google Calendar.

Automatically follow-up with prospects on every estimate with Arborgold’s “Job Opportunities” feature. This feature triggers task reminders and sends automated emails for all outstanding proposals and bids.

Use Arborgold’s “Web to Lead Forms” to capture and immediately route requests for estimates and customer service inquiries to internal representatives that are part of your service business.

Simplify Service Requests

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Arborgold software allows the creation of personalized client portals for easy service request submissions

Keep track of important inbound customer messages, service requests, and appointments.

Route service and estimate requests to sales teams in just one or two clicks using text messaging notifications.

Automate job service reminders with customer text messaging.

Offer customers 24/7 online support with your personalized customer portal where they can access and pay for invoices, review estimates and job history, and create new service requests.

arborgold software for landscape companies

Smart Business Tools

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Business Intelligence for your service business provides access to data & reports usually afforded to larger enterprises

Choose from over 100 standard business management reports including but not limited to Accounts Receivable, Job Costing, Sales, Commissions, Marketing, Job Management, Job Scheduling, Crew Productivity, Inventory and more.

Use Arborgold’s drag and drop custom report designer to generate custom reports, specific to your business needs.

Keep important financial and operational data (key performance indicators) front and center in Arborgold’s dashboard.

Use the product’s visualization business intelligence tools as a graphical representation of your progress and productivity.

Streamline Billing & Invoicing

Manage your service business invoice and billing with minimal action & effort

Offer multiple invoicing options to your customers including print, via email and e-pay online through your own professional customer portal.

Customize your cash flow and receivables by invoicing individual line items, multiple line items as a group, or a complete job.

Generate invoices or trigger batch credit card processing daily, weekly or monthly in just a couple of seconds.

Customize invoice templates, track pre-payments and installments, and access a variety of standard or custom reports to meet your needs.

Easily reconcile billing and G&A with seamless integration to QuickBooks Desktop and/or QuickBooks Online.

Provide 24/7 accessibility to invoices, work orders, and other service related accounting information with your own personalized Customer Admin Portal.

Marketing tools that expand your toolbox are part of Arborgold.

Arborgold provides an email marketing channel for lawn care, landscaping, and other service businesses. Streamline your inbound efforts with our easy-to-use interface, automation, and lead tracking options.

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Simplify email marketing with Arborgold software’s easy to use inbound tools with the following features:

Communicate Better

Communicate with customers, leads, partners, and vendors in record time with integrated email marketing, voice broadcasting, and text messaging.

Easily Export Data

Create custom contact export files for external marketing activities such as direct mail, Facebook Marketing, and more.

Automate Recurring Services

Generate customer renewals in anticipation for recurring services in just a couple of clicks.

Track Lead Sources

Discover your Marketing ROI by tracking lead sources while using tags and advanced filter options to increase revenues via up-sells and cross-selling opportunities.

increase sales with arborgold

Increase Sales For Your Business

Arborgold Software Features Lawn Tree Landscape Software

Estimating Software For Lawn Care, Landscape, & Tree Care Companies

Choose from a variety of professional-looking standard templates to create winning quotes, bids, proposals and estimates in record time.

Or customize the look/feel and layout of your proposals with our custom template designer and offer multiple options within a single bid. *

With Arborgold,. you’re creating quotes from wherever you have internet, including your ipad or your mobile device.


Designed for Lawn Tree Landscape, Plant Healthcare, Pest Control, Snow Removal, and other Field Service Industries


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