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Top 5 CRM Features in Service Scheduling Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the core of service scheduling software. Lawn, tree and landscaping businesses depend on software that support their business process. Tracking all your customer interactions, accessing reports, automating sales, and other business information.

Here are the top 5 CRM features in service scheduling software.

Search Features

Every software program has the basic search capabilities, like search by last name, first name, email address. However, tree, lawn and landscape companies often have the need to look up customers differently than other types of industries.  

A top feature in any CRM scheduling software is search features that make sense.

For example;

  • Lawn care companies might look customers up last treatment date,
  • Tree care companies look customers up by tree type.
  • Landscape companies may look customers up by project start date.

Having the extra search capabilities will help your office run more efficiently.

Automated Follow Up On Quotes

Follow up, follow up, follow up. It’s how you increase your close ratios. The problem is finding the time to do it!

They say it takes FIVE touches to win a customer. That may be a phone call, email, etc.

Having an automated way to follow up on quotes is NOT a typical feature in CRM service scheduling software.

Software that includes automated follow up on your quotes is a huge time saver and in some cases will justify the cost of the software.

Job Management

You receive hundreds, if not thousands of requests for bids on potential work throughout the year.  Keeping track of each call, lead, request, the status of each is challenging.

Service scheduling software features help you stay on top of each client, where their bid is at in the pipeline might include the following job statuses:



Work Order


Each job may also have multiple several you need to keep track of.  Service scheduling software will help you keep track of each line item on the job. If it’s scheduled, completed, billed etc.

Lead and Message Tracking

Leads, leads, leads…without them you can’t grow.

Capturing every lead and tracking the lead through your sales cycle is a must have service scheduling software feature.

A good service scheduling software will have a ‘web to lead form’ that you can insert on your website for visitors to fill out when requesting a quote.  

The leads from the web will be directly added to your CRM scheduling software. Then you can keep track of where the lead is in the sales process.

Integrated Email Marketing

Having integrated email marketing in your service scheduling software is HUGE convenience.

With built in integrated email marketing you don’t have to export your client list to upload in to other email programs, like MailChimp or Constant Contact.   

Before you email to your list you can also segregate your client list by a variety of filters.

For example lawn care companies can locate all the clients that had a fertilization treatment last year. A tree care company can search for clients that had a deep root feeding in fall of 2017. And a landscape company can search for clients that had bed maintenance last year.

In Summary

All in all there are many CRM features that you’ll find with service scheduling software. The top five listed here are can have a big impact on acquiring and customer retention.  These five features also help automate your process, saving the office staff valuable time.

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