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Three Must-Have Landscaping Software Features

There’s a ton of amazing things you can do with landscaping software, and many offer a ton of great features that can help you run your business. When you’re shopping for the perfect landscaping software for your business, you may wonder: What features do I really need?  Yes, the bells and whistles all seem great, but when it comes to the day-to-day functions of your business, there are a few key features you can’t skip out on.

While there are a few nice to have features and a few must-have features, but it really depends on what you need when you’re deciding what features to choose between. However, there are definitely a few really must-have features that can benefit any and every landscaping business.

Here are our top three must-have landscaping software features.

CAD for landscaping software tool

CAD (Computer-aided) design is a great tool for landscaping companies to use to draft up and create nice-looking, accurate site plans quickly and easily. CAD design tools help you mock-up the landscaping plan and show this to your client. It’s great for winning new business, especially, because you can show potential clients what you’d be able to do with their property. Seeing the potential is always a good selling point.

From there, CAD design mock-ups can be used by the project team to accurately execute on the plan for the client. This way, there’s no room for error because the team can see exactly what goes where and execute accordingly. It also helps you place the right orders and not waste money on overbuying materials

Proposal design

A looking, well-designed proposal can really make a difference in winning the bid for a new customer. A good landscaping software tool will have a proposal design feature that will help you make a good looking presentation that can make or

proposal estimate software mobile estimator

proposal estimate software mobile estimator

break landing a job. You can insert photos, CAD designs, prices, and everything you need to sell to the customer instantly

Job costing functionality

You want your landscaping software to have job costing functionality so that you can be able to quickly input a few numbers and specs to tell if you if you’ll be making money on the job. Taking on jobs that are just too much from a resource perspective can really drain your cash flow, so you want to be able to make quick decisions on jobs. As well, you can play around with numbers and see how to optimize a job to make a bit more.

Find the right features for your business

As much as your software will help you optimize your workflow and streamline your processes, it will also help you make more money and win more business. You want to ensure that the features you get in a tool help enable you to do your job, while also increasing the customer and sales experience.

Landscaping is a competitive industry, and having that nice looking proposal or CAD design in minutes can make or break when it comes to landing that commercial client, or ongoing project.