Four Ways To Build Customer Loyalty with Arbor Software

Arbor Software creates customer loyalty

Can Arbor Software help you build customer loyalty? Your customers expect excellence when it comes to the tree care services you provide. Increasingly, it’s not just about the job you do in the field; it’s also about how seamless and easy you make the total customer experience.

To be at the leading edge of the business today, with the ability to develop and retain a highly satisfied clientele, requires the intelligent integration of technology into your customer-facing business approach. Here are four ways that Arbor Software can help you up your game and build a more loyal customer base.

#1 Easier Job Scheduling with Arbor Software

Not all jobs are alike. There are regular weekly occurrences like lawn mowing, other periodic requirements like insect control and deep root feeding, and more occasional tasks like tree removal or other major landscaping chores. A one size fits all application won’t let you work efficiently around the specific requirements and sub-tasks associated with each different type of job.

With Arbor Software you can set any schedule to recur on a daily, weekly, monthly or other fixed basis. One calendar application lets you manage even complicated services with multiple activities, including different activities that require different crews. The software can also manage and track mandatory follow-up services so that you never lose track of them. Your customers will be pleased when your crews arrive on time without fail for each required follow-up service.

#2 Intuitive Customer Portal

It’s no secret that customers expect a higher level of quality in both inbound and outbound communications services, which makes an effective customer portal a necessity. Customers want to be able to log into their accounts on a 24/7 basis, to access their data, view their account balances, make payments, and retrieve important information about current or past jobs and services.

Arbor Software’s Customer Portal gives your customers a one-stop solution for all aspects of their business with you — including a streamlined way to view and approve proposals in development. For you, the Customer Portal gives you an easy way to engage your customers and retain their interest, with opportunities for cross-marketing and introducing aspects of your business with which they may not be familiar.

#3 Automated Bid Follow Up with Arbor Software

Do you have enough hours in the day to provide high-quality lawn care and landscaping services to your existing customers AND develop spot-on proposals for every new opportunity that comes your way AND follow up on every bid you generate in a timely and complete fashion? Probably not. If you are creating hand-written proposals and re-creating Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint diagrams from scratch every time a new opportunity comes along.

You need a systematic approach to estimating the cost components of each bid, creating a professional-looking proposal and then following up with clients so that you don’t lose the opportunity. Arbor Software’s estimating and bidding solution gives you an automated mechanism for following up on the details of each proposal you generate so that business does not fall through the cracks of your busy workday.

#4 Email and Database Marketing

Successful business is all about timing, and today there is no more critical way to capture business on a timely basis than through systematic email campaigns.

Arbor Software provides an integrated capability to manage your marketing and job campaigns with advanced email, text messaging and database management functionalities. This includes a lead capture function that reduces the time lag between a customer’s request for proposal and your ability to respond. It also includes enhanced mobile and voice messaging capabilities so that you are never out of reach when a situation arises, even when you are out in the field. And email marketing is not just for new business — it’s also a great way to cross-sell new services to your existing customers.

It’s a competitive world out there, and customers expect far more from their lawn care and landscaping service providers than they ever have before. Make sure you are ahead of your competition by using the software that can give you the most leverage for building and retaining customer loyalty.

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