Arborgold MobileCrew App Time and Material Billing

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Arborgold MobileCrew App Feature

Arborgold MobileCrew app feature for time and material billing is the best way to bill clients for services rendered on an hourly basis. Billing clients time and material ensure every hour of labor is accounted for.  

One challenge with time and material billing is keeping track of time to make sure the customer is billed the correct amount.  Programs like Exact Time  give employees the ability to track time but they don’t help with the overall tracking of time-related to a job that needs to be billed.

Arborgold’s mobile crew app helps employees track time and material along with many other features.

Any service in Arborgold can be flagged as time and material billing. When the crew logs in Arborgold’s MobileCrew app they see a list of assigned jobs. Clicking the start button on the job confirms the employees clocking into the job.  Crew leaders can start and stop the Arborgold mobile app anytime as needed, for example, they can clock out for lunch and breaks.

If the job is going to continue the next day (multi-day job), crew leaders can reschedule the job for the next day. Hours will accumulate and total billing hours upon completion,

After the crew completes the job, they can clock out and submit their job as completed.

In Arborgold cloud, the billing amount for the service marked ‘time and material’ will be updated with the correct billing amount as well as the total job costs. The job can be billed in batch with other jobs.

Is the Arborgold Mobile iPhone App available?


The Arborgold Mobile app is available on iPhone and Android.

Not only does the Arborgold MobileCrew App give you the ability to do time and material billing. Other features include; GPS tracking, permissions, time tracking for payroll, add-on additional services, billing, chemical tracking, record weather information, upload pictures, add additional notes and more!

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