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How can I provide bids & estimates using an easy job proposal template?

Most landscapers are masters at building lush, perfectly ordered spaces. However, they still struggle when it comes to trying to cultivate effective job proposals. You might be losing valuable time every time you sit down to write up a proposal. Are you attempting to create unique and customizable proposals without utilizing a template?

Trying to keep on top of proposals that are made using Microsoft Office, QuickBooks or some other run-of-the-mill platform can cause some serious headaches for you, your staff and your clients. The good news is that you can create polished, professional job proposals if you have the right job proposal template. What's the secret to creating a winning job proposal if you own a landscaping or lawn-care company?


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Here's a look at all of the features you need when shopping around for a job proposal template for your business:


  • Customization Is a Priority

You put a lot of time and energy into setting your business apart from the competition. That's why you don't want to fumble when it comes to handing out proposals. Don't risk creating something that is so confusing or uninspiring that potential clients will end up tossing it in the garbage or using it as a coaster.

You need something that looks like it was created specifically for each client. Customization is king when it comes to picking out a job proposal template for your company. Here's a look at the things you should be able to do with your proposal software:

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  • Add custom fields.
  • Change the look and feel by adding colors, fonts and images.
  • Create notes regarding each service.
  • Add in your company's specific terms and conditions.

  • Bidding Software Needs to Be Easy to Use

It won't matter how polished or impressive your customized proposals can look if you can't figure out how to get to that point. The fact of the matter is that a lot of supposedly user-friendly software out there on the market today practically requires the user to have an advanced degree in order to utilize it properly.

It's important to pick out bid-creating software that really is intuitive and easy to use. Arborgold's proposal software allows you to create visualizations for your client using a large catalog of shrubs, plants, trees and more. It all comes together with our easy-to-use diagramming tools. Your clients will think you spent hours in a sophisticated laboratory when they see what you've cooked up.


  • A Bid Proposal Template Should Be Quick to Use

The last thing you want to do is devote your time to a desk after a long day. However, many people who own landscaping companies find themselves doing just that when it's time to create bids and proposals. Creating a polished proposal shouldn't have to take forever.

Arborgold’s job proposal template can create unique and custom estimates in a very short amount of time. That's because all you have to do is plug in some critical information and allow the program to handle formatting and other essential details for you. The best part is that you will never have to copy and paste again!

That's because this program allows you to build pre-programmed packages that enable you to group multiple services together. That means that a full estimate that takes into account services, equipment and inventory can be created with the click of a button. Why enter the same information over and over again for clients when they choose popular projects when you can simply populate your estimate with the correct information in a flash?

Arborgold's platform can save the descriptions you create for inventory and resources to ensure consistency across the board. That doesn't mean that you are stuck with one price all the time. There's an easy tool for swapping out standard pricing for a custom number on each job proposal you create.


  • A Job Proposal Should Have Legs

The job proposals you create with Arborgold don't just sit in a file somewhere. They actually go to work for you whenever you need them to. You can email and print invoices on demand. This feature can be especially helpful when a client is requesting a new or revised proposal on the spot. What's more, this software comes with follow-up features that automatically send out emails. That means that you never have to worry about an estimate simply slipping through the cracks again.


  • job proposal templates money arborgoldAlways Know the Profitability of a Job

We've saved the best for last when it comes to the Arborgold bid proposal template. This platform actually allows you to calculate job costs. It does this using the stored costs you've entered for equipment, labor, inventory and more. That means that you can generate a detailed job report with an estimate in real time whenever you create a job proposal.

Let Us Help

Arborgold can help to enhance and automate the way you create job proposals. Whip up accurate, detailed and enticing bids for your clients in minutes without dealing with monotony or spending all night in the office. Take a tour of this ingenious job template software today to begin making dazzling customized proposals.