How do I find landscape design software that is portable, shareable and easy to use?

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Are you spending too much time hunched over a desk trying to design landscapes for your clients? The truth is that landscapers, arborists and lawn-care professionals put in more screen time than most people understand. The assumption is that you’re always out there using your green thumb to bring vibrant spaces to life. The reality is that you probably spend a lot of time with a mouse and keyboard trying to design spaces for your clients. Have you ever wished that you could design, edit and share from anywhere using a smooth interface? It’s time to discover Arborgold’s game-changing landscape design app.

landscape design software header arborgoldTake a look at what your landscape design software should be able to do for you.


Create a Clear Landscape Design, Empower Your Sales Team and Inspire Your Clients

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a one-person operation or you have a robust sales team working hard for you. Sales is always the business of a landscaper or lawn-care professional. That’s why Arborgold landscaping design software is so important. Our technology makes it easy to build visualizations and share them with clients in a flash. Here’s a look at what you can do with these tools:

  • Create vivid drawings of landscape designs.
  • Choose from an array of bushes, trees, and shrubs.
  • Add and erase elements with ease
  • Share and collaborate on designs


landscape designs arborgoldEliminate confusion with landscape designs everyone agrees on

Have you ever had to deal with miscommunication with a client? This can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a business owner in the lawn-care or landscaping profession. In addition, it can zap you of both time and money. The reality is that two people can easily mean two completely different things using the same words. Sometimes words can’t properly express to your clients what you’re envisioning. Sometimes you just have to show them.

Design tools that create worlds out of the ideas make it possible to show clients exactly what you’re thinking. What’s more, your clients can watch you bring their ideas and suggestions to life in the form of a clear visual representation. Arborgold’s landscape design features provide shapes, structures, trees, plants, hardscapes and more that can be arranged to create a blueprint of a landscape.

Everything you need to properly measure spaces and arrange objects is right there for you. What’s more, no special skills are needed. Anyone who can play a video game can use this software to construct a plan. There’s no need to wonder what a finished product will look like ever again. You can now create a perfectly proportioned visual of the job beforehand.


landscape design software arborgoldA landscape design is worth 1000 words

What is better than telling clients what you can do for them? Showing them! Arborgold’s landscape software makes it possible to show off what you can do. Clients appreciate being able to view what your work will look like before they sign off on any plans. This is the type of peace of mind that clients are looking for when choosing a service business. Get the edge and get set apart from the competition by showing your clients that you’re the real deal.


Help Clients Visualize What They Can Buy

You must be able to show your clients your vision if you want them to buy into it. That’s why being able to produce designs and share them easily must be part of your plan. Crisp graphics, clear sizing and a neat presentation are the hallmarks of good landscaping design.

Landscapers and lawn-care professionals aren’t just selling a service, they are creating spaces where their clients can live, work and play. Are your visuals making the sale for you yet? They can be if you’re using Arborgold’s landscape design feature and accompanying software.

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