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Business Quote Template & Example [download] | Landscaping Service Business

This article will outline a landscape business quote example and what sections should be included.   A business quote should not only highlight the costs involved but also detail the services that will be provided.

A customer's request for a proposal is an opportunity to close a sale but it is not a guarantee the job will be awarded. However, if you’re sending over a quote, there’s a good chance the client is standing by, to review the quote and compare it to quotes from your competitors. 

A good business quote ensures that they fully understand the scope of the job and they know exactly what’s included. If you’re contracting work out to 3rd parties, like a bricklayer or other contractors, be sure to include a description of those activities needed and the scheduling timeline required. 

 The business quote example featured below will help you piece together the components of a professional landscaping job quote.

Landscaping Business Quote Example


Your Company Name and Business Details

Quoted to: The company/personal name of the individual or entity that you are sending the quote to.

Purpose: This section should describe the project in detail. It should essentially serve as a “scope,” verifying the agreed-upon aspects of the job. This is where you designate what’s included in the quote and what’s not included.

Field: Landscaping

Subfield: Is there a subcategory for this project that’s more descriptive than landscaping?

3rd Party Involvement: Here you should detail the aspects of your successor scheduling and any 3rd parties that will be involved with the project.

Description/Qty/Total: Provide a description of each service being provided along with the quantity for each of those services. You can break down large projects into smaller ones and add several line items here.

Tax/Other Fees/Total: At the bottom of the quote, make sure you list-out any additional fees that are included in the total such as sales tax, shipping costs, scheduling and 3rd party contractors hired for the job, etc. Try to be as detailed and thorough as possible.

Deposit Required: If you require a deposit prior to ordering materials, include the amount after the job total.

Terms: Clearly state the payment terms for the job and expected the due date. If the payment is not received within the terms what are clearly state the ramifications.  Will there be interest charged, a late payment fee?

Forms of Payment: List the forms of payment the client can expect to pay with, for example, cash or credit card.

This business quote example should help you better serve your clients as a landscaping business and deliver quotes that are proven to secure jobs and provide ongoing work for your company.

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