Grow Your Lawn Care Business Through Smart Scheduling Software

Software to manage scheduling for landscape, lawn care, tree care businesses

Can you grow your revenues with lawn care business scheduling software?

Most lawn care business owners think that “more sales” come from more customers. While this is probably true, there is something else that will always keep you from reaching that next revenue jump.

From maintaining existing landscape to designing and developing new areas, growing your lawn care business relies heavily on your ability to efficiently schedule work orders with the ability to adjust based on unforeseen situations.

And there are tell-tale signs that you may be suffering from scheduling issues:

  1. Local crews are busy every day but they spend at least 1 hour on the road traveling between job sites.
  2. There are huge open, gaps in your schedule leaving crews with no work orders somewhere between 8am and 4pm.
  3. Job costing tells you that between gas, travel time, and check-in’s, your losing over 15% of your profit to unbillable, direct costs.

If you answered yes to any of the above, that’s where leading, business management software can help you manage your calendar and grow.

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arborgold lawn care business scheduling softwareWhether you are a small business owner to a large entrepreneur, the right software is out there for you.

When choosing a software that’s right for your business, consider what it can offer you:

Schedule by Territory

  • Assign multiple jobs on a single day or week
  • Assign jobs that are close together in proximity
  • Reduce crew drive time!

Schedule by Service

Schedule jobs specific for crew teams

  • Aeration Team
  • Commercial Team
  • Residential Team
  • Schedule by type of job to be as efficient as possible with crew members and equipment

Schedule by Offering Annual Recurring Services

Schedule annual recurring services to your standard programs on a job site, such as quarterly hedge trimming or monthly fertilizing, which can include an add on cost, and can result in more revenue per customer overall.

Using software to schedule lawn care services means that if there’s a change in the schedule – like someone gets sick, or a piece of equipment needs maintenance – you can easily adjust work orders in less time, saving you money and headache with internal staff and customers.

And with a mobile app, you can even make adjustments when you’re away from the office, keeping customer satisfaction the top priority!

It may be the right time to learn more about what Lawn Care Business Scheduling Software can do for you to help you grow.

Learn more about industry-leading Arborgold’s scheduling, estimating, and billing features by taking a tour here or reading the reviews.

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