Arborist Equipment Maintenance Scheduling

Arborist Equipment Maintenance Scheduling

Arborist equipment maintenance scheduling is not an exciting task, to say the least. As an arborist, you want to spend your time in the field working with trees--not stuck in an office scheduling work tasks.

But the fact remains: for any arborist, equipment maintenance scheduling is a fact of life. In general, arborists work with an enormous amount of equipment: saws, cabling, rope, tarps, fertilizers, fuel, and more. To ensure that your equipment is always in proper working order, equipment maintenance is crucial.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways you can keep your equipment running at maximum capacity.

We’ll cover the topic of COST of equipment maintenance--and show that it’s not always what it seems to be at first glance.

We’ll discuss depreciation schedules and how these impact your financials.

We’ll consider the age old dilemma of buying new equipment vs upgrading your existing gear.

Finally, we’ll show how you can use Arborgold’s arborist equipment maintenance scheduling features to keep ahead of your busy schedule, with all your tools in working order.

So let’s dive right into it, with the single most important topic pertaining to equipment scheduling.

The REAL Cost of Arborist Equipment Maintenance Scheduling

Equipment Maintenance Cost

When you have a piece of equipment that’s showing some wear, should you replace it, or repair it? It’s a question as old as time. As long as people have used tools, there has been the question of what to do when they slow down.

For arborists, this question needs to be taken seriously. Many of your existing tools do the job well. It’s the reason you’ve stuck with them this long. Given that repairs are usually cheaper than replacements, it seems reasonable to look into maintenance as an alternative to buying new.

Keeping Up Maintenance on a Regular Schedule

But if you’re going to maintain your equipment, you need to do so on a schedule. You can’t wait for a chain saw to stop working completely before you get to work on maintenance. You need to schedule routine checks, tests and upgrades to ensure your equipment always stays in proper working order.

It’s here that Arborist equipment maintenance scheduling becomes absolutely crucial. You need to have a strict set of criteria for each piece of equipment, and a pre-set time when each one will be examined, inspected and, if needed, repaired. This lengthens the lifespan of your equipment and minimizes the need to buy replacement gear.

The Risks of Not Scheduling Maintenance

If you don’t do maintenance on a regular schedule, the costs can really pile up.

To explain this, let’s look at an example.

Imagine you have a big project coming up--perhaps a government contract maintaining trees on a large plot of public land. This project may involve tree removal, care, planting, or pruning. If you’ve been avoiding regular maintenance on the tools needed to do these tasks, you may find yourself having to run out and buy new equipment just to do the job. That eats into your revenue from the project, ultimately hurting your profits.

The Faster, Easier Way to Maintain your Equipment

By this point, it’s clear that arborist equipment maintenance scheduling will benefit your business. It can save you money, keep equipment working better, and even increase net profit on equipment-heavy projects.

The only question is, how do you schedule your maintenance effectively?

If you’re like most arborists, you already spend enough time in the field. You don’t want to add more time in the office to your already busy schedule.

Fortunately, Arborgold has got your back.

Arborgold comes with a complete suite of features for arborist equipment maintenance scheduling. These features include:

  • Equipment usage monitoring.
  • Calendar-based maintenance schedules with automated reminders.
  • Maintenance record and expense tracking.
  • Paper-free equipment tracking.
  • Purchasing information, including vendor and milage.

In short, Arborgold gives you all the features you need to schedule your equipment maintenance for maximum cost savings.

But that’s not all. In addition to all the great equipment maintenance scheduling features, Arbogold comes with a whole host of features for the ‘backend’ of your business. From email marketing, to contact management, to job scheduling and beyond, Arborgold can make life easier at your business.

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