Landscaping Apps: The Key To Winning Bids

Landscaping App

Landscaping apps are the hottest tech trend in the landscaping industry. By streamlining the landscape design process, they can save you time, increase your leads and grow your business.

Landscaping Design App
House exterior with swimming pool in garden

They offer a set of powerful ‘drag and drop’ tools to design landscapes in a matter of minutes. Instead of spending hours drawing landscapes by hand (or with illustration software), you can create them quickly using images and shapes pre-drawn for you in a library.

In this article we’re going to take a look at Arborgold’s own landscape design tool. It’s one of the most powerful landscaping apps available, with extensive libraries of trees, shrubs, houses and other common landscape features. It has shape and color fills so you can design your own features and use them in your clients’ landscape layouts. You can even use satellite imagery in your designs to create an ‘ultra-realistic’ look that will wow clients on proposals, bids and estimates.

If you’re not using Arborgold, you can use the landscaping design tool here for FREE.

arborgold integrated landscape design tool

If you’re an Arborgold customer, you can access it from the Arborgold dashboard and start building gorgeous landscape designs in seconds.

So, let’s look at the first Arborgold feature that can win you more bids: layouts.

Landscaping App and The Power of Layouts

Mobile Estimator is a powerful sales tool for creating estimates in the field
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Arborgold Mobile Estimator and Proposal Generation App

Every good landscape design needs a layout. You need to know where each object (house, trees, shrubs, etc) will go, and how far apart they’ll be spaced. A good layout is the collection of all these elements and how they’re spaced over an area.

And with the Arborgold landscape design tool, you can create the exact layout you or your client wants in a matter of minutes. It’s a 100% drag and drop system that lets you define the size and shape of the space, then add objects to show how they’ll be arranged on the clients’ property.

Landscaping App – Bid Faster 

When it comes to bidding, speed is the name of the game. Even if your proposal is the best in the world, you won’t win the contract if someone else already signed it.

One of the best ways to win a bid is to include a landscape design with it. It adds immediate visual impact that wows the client and gives them a concrete impression of the landscape you’re going to create for them.

If you draw your landscapes by hand, you’re going to spend a lot of time, and that could mean slower bids. With the Arborgold landscape design tool, you can create impactful designs in minutes, and submit your bid to the client in no time.

Hardscape Options

Landscaping isn’t all trees and shrubs. When you create a landscape design, you need to include hardscape areas like driveways, walls, walkways, and stairs.

Landscape Design Techniques

Arborgold’s landscaping app comes with hardscape options built-in, so you can include every pavement, cement, or stone feature on your design.

Property Photos with Landscaping Apps

Sometimes, you want your landscape design to have a little extra realism. Landscaping apps give you tons of illustrated templates to work with, but what about photos?

What Are Some Good Software Options for My New Landscape Business?

With Arborgold, you can include photos into your landscape designs easily. This gives your landscape designs a level of realism that can really kick their impact into high gear, making the client visualize their property with images that reflect the real world.

Satellite View

Last but not least, you may want to use satellite imagery in your landscape designs. Satellite images depict ultra-realistic features from a perfect angle, so potential clients can see their landscape from an ‘out-of-this-world’ perspective.

Arborgold’s design tool lets you import geo-satellite images into your landscape designs in a matter of seconds. It’s so easy and intuitive, you’ll be adding photo-realistic landscape features to your designs in minutes.

If you’re still not using landscape designs in your bids, or if you’re drawing your designs by hand and slowing down the bidding process, it’s time to discover the power of 2D landscape drawing with Arborgold.

Click here to try the Arborgold landscape design tool FREE!

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