Landscaping Design App

What are the Advantages of Using A Landscaping Design App (like Arborgold)?

Using a landscaping design app to generate proposals is important in winning bids. First impressions are everything, especially in a competitive landscaping industry. Getting a proposal ready for a new client can feel like paperwork, but it should be so much more than that. Your proposal is your shot at making a good first impression and it’s a chance to win a client for years to come. And, when you win a new client, you win all the referrals that come with it!

Your proposal is your chance to stand out from the crowd, so why not improve your proposal using a landscaping design app? A landscaping design app can help your proposal come to life.

Here’s how you can improve your proposal using a landscaping design app:

  • Include a landscape design with your proposal or bid

Including a design with your proposal or bid is what will help your potential new client see the full capabilities of what your company can offer. Not only does it show them what you can do, it also shows them that you are serious about winning their business. It’s easy to toss together a proposal with some numbers on paper, but taking that extra step to include a beautiful visual design will help you really stand out. You can design a mock-up right on your landscaping app and include it in your proposal with one click.

  • Include detail and transparency in your quotes

Since your landscaping design app is connected to all of your inventory and operations, you can easily include specific inventory with captions and plant/tree names right into your proposal. This level of detail adds a layer of transparency, so that new clients know exactly what they’re getting if they choose your bid. The more information, the better, because clients love knowing what they’re going to get before they say yes. Other companies might just toss together some vague ideas, but with your landscaping app, you can be 100% upfront about what you’re offering to win that new client.

  • Brand your proposal 

With one click, you can easily include certification logos and brand your design to present your company in a professional light right on your landscaping app. By branding the proposal, your bid looks polished and professional and potential clients are more likely to gravitate towards a company that looks the part.

  • Send visuals via email

The best thing about using a landscaping design app is that once your proposal is all designed and ready to go, you can easily send everything via email. With one click, your designs and proposal lands in the email inbox of your prospect with stunning visuals and pricing so they can view (and share) at their leisure. Having everything via email is not only convenient, it shows your prospects that your company is digital and innovative.

Using landscaping design apps mean quicker response rates

Since you have created your design right on the app that means you can speed up your response rate with a professional landscape design that takes less time than drawing. This way, you can stay connected to your hot prospect with no time wasted.

You can be the first to reply with a design (since you already included one for the proposal) that looks polished and detailed. Meanwhile, your competitor will be busy putting pen to paper! Beating the competition gives you a huge leg up, and your landscaping app can help you do that.

Stay Connected through your landscaping design app

Once the proposal is sent, your landscaping app will track all of your sales funnel progress. Once your prospect decides to go with your company, you can handle all of the scheduling, ordering, and upselling/renewals through your app as well.

Starting your proposal on your app not only helps you win new business, it also helps you retain that business and grow it for years to come. Get started on the right foot by making innovative, interactive proposals that look great.

Take a tour of our app and how we can help you manage both your clients and your landscaping business.