How does Arborgold make filing your taxes during tax season easy?


Tax season is a time that many business owners tend to not enjoy, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With tax season, preparation is key and organization is a huge part of having a pain-free, stress-free tax time. Having all of your information in one place, easily accessible and tracked is what will make your life as a landscaping business owner a breeze.

Arborgold Software can help you track all of your accounting – including invoices, billing, credits, debits, inventory, and expenses and payroll. If you’ve been using Arborgold Software this year, you’re in a position to sit back and hand over your Arborgold reports to your accountant in the New Year. But, if you aren’t an Arborgold Software client, don’t fret – starting now will prep you for 2019 in no time.

Start the year off right

Beginning to move your business operations onto Arborgold in January means that your company has a fresh start to the New Year. You can begin tracking everything from day one, and use the last two weeks of the year to get everyone used to the new system.

All of your employees will come back in the New Year refreshed and ready to take on the year. Use this motivation to start training everyone and build of the momentum of that January energy. It’s more likely that everyone will be open and eager to learn in January as compared to another time of the year, and having things started from January 1 onwards means that you won’t have to backtrack to input any data.

Optimize your bookkeeping

With Arborgold Software, you can essentially be your own bookkeepers since everything is organized within the landscaping software. You can maintain accurate records, manage billing, and manage invoicing all through the software so that everything is easily sorted, tracked, and reports can be made with one click.

You can have multiple users on the platform in order to have a team handle the needs of servicing your clients and tracking money in and money out. By creating a streamlined billing process, everyone can be held accountable and errors can be found before tax time and resolved before the stress of submission.

Integrate with your accounting tools

Arborgold integrates with QuickBooks, allowing for a seamless transition for your accounting needs. By having both tools work together, you never have to wonder if something is getting missed or going unaccounted for.

By working together and tracking everything from the start of the New Year, you can have a good line of sight of your accounting and optimize it as the year goes on, make changes on the fly, and have the knowledge to make decisions about your business that you wouldn’t have if paper invoices were coming in by the stack load and everything was managed by one employee’s excel sheet.

It’s not too late to get set-up

January may be around the corner, but the staff at Arborgold are working as hard as ever to make sure clients are set up for success once 2019 comes around. Contact us today for a demo and to chat about how we can help you be prepared for tax season next year. 

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