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Win Clients With A Stellar Landscape Design Plan

What's In A Stellar Landscape Design Plan

In the competitive market of landscape design, a solid client presentation featuring a stellar landscape design plan is an imperative part of every proposal. You only get one chance to make a memorable first impression, so make it a good one.

Gather Inspiration

After you've done your research and taken note of the client's preferences for landscaping, scope out Pinterest. It’s a great place to gather photos and examples of plant groupings and layouts. Nothing speaks louder to potential clients than colorful, highly detailed visuals because the purpose of landscaping is to surround the viewer with attractive scenery. While a lot of examples can be helpful, keep them focused. There’s a balance between being comprehensive and going overboard, which can overwhelm a client.

Use a Design Tool

In addition to stunning photos, your potential clients will want to see the design as it applies to their own space. Arborgold's online design tool is an excellent way to provide a bird's-eye view of a proposed landscape design.

It features libraries of plants, trees, shrubs, hardscape, houses, and irrigation, and it also allows you to freehand your own shapes, filling them with color and patterns to suit your design. You can even import satellite imagery of the job site, images from your computer, or photographs taken on your phone. Once you've finished your job site illustrations, simply print them and add them to your proposal. High-quality, customized plans will help potential clients better envision how their project will play out and look in reality.  You're WELL on your way to creating a stellar landscape design plan.

Use your Stellar Landscape Design Plan as you Assemble a Complete Proposal

Your complete proposal should also include the following on professional letterhead:

  • The estimated time frame for the job
  • A detailed description of the work you plan to do on the property (including the equipment you intend to bring on site)
    • The estimated cost, both a summary and itemized list
  • Your billing procedures
  • Your contact information and business card
  • Company brochures

Before you pitch the landscape design proposal, spend some time preparing how you will present and explain the proposal to your client. With a well-designed proposal and a prepared pitch, clients will be impressed. Expect to start hearing “when can we start” more often than not.

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