4 Ways to Generate Strong Leads

Are You Ready to Generate Strong Leads?

It's true... Running a landscaping business is an art! AND... when you want to generate strong leads, it's another type of art. You want to get to know your audience.  You want to use innovative marketing techniques.  Even closing more leads is an art.

Implementation and the overall process can be daunting.  But here are a few bullet point suggestions on how to generate strong leads and customers for a lawn, tree and landscape business:

Digital Marketing

  • With digital marketing such as paid search advertising on Google Adwords and Bing Ads, you can do it yourself. The downside of doing it yourself could be costly if you have a low CTR (click-through-rate), causing a possible negative return. It's best to hire a certified freelancer or agency to help with this type of lead generation.

Social Media

  • Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are advantageous to reach people who are constantly online. With these various outlets, you get your branding message across, gain followers, and keep your audience captivated with visual coupon offers. The downside is you'll need time each day to stay on top of your branding messages.

Email Marketing

  • It's rare to find someone without an email address. This particular marketing works best for return customers. You can re-market a message, send a special offer, and send referral incentives so that current customers will refer a new customer base.


  • Arborgold has a lead generation software platform that will make your landscaping business less stressful. With this innovative automation software, you'll be able to manage your organization by keeping your team on target, stay on top of leads, organize jobs, manage jobs in one place, eliminate duplicate invoice entries, automate marketing messages, send follow-up reminders to your sales team, and send email marketing to prospective leads!

These are just a few good ideas to generate more leads. In addition to seeking out good leads, knowing how to stop wasting time on bad leads is also key.  Start by making referrals a priority and knowing what questions to ask potential leads.

Arborgold is the niche landscaping businesses have been looking for. Having a platform that enables you to automate lead generation will definitely help you stay organized and see a positive return! Arborgold is the leader for what your business needs. Find out more today! Take a product tour